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but like do you have sources cause i'm excited i don't wanna be let down man

Noodle is LGBT: Noodle opened an OKCupid account that was linked to her i status which requires validation on the insta user’s part and the account says she’s “queer, woman, single” also that one interview where the interviewer was like have you picked up any boys with chopsticks (zoinks scoob) and her response was no

Murdoc is LGBT: i don’t have proper sources for this but Jamie and Damon both have hinted to him having had sex w men before. also that one interview where they asked Noodle if she picked up any boys with chopsticks she said no but Murcoc has. also Murdoc dreamed he was sleeping next to Shaun Ryder.

Russel is LGBT: has expressed interest in wearing “women’s clothes” (quotes because clothes have no gender but anyway) including dresses and heels. Russ also said that Del, another man, was his soulmate.

2D: i don’t know of any info for 2D. as far as i know he’s only expressed interest in women and has shown no cannon signs of gender dysphoria that i am currently aware of

although there were obviously parts of this episode that I LOVED and will be over the moon about no matter what, overall I’m not sure I liked it

it was so intentionally horrible, and while I know Moffat understands the need for representation I don’t think he knows about things like the dead lesbian trope, I don’t think he realises just how hard it was for us to watch Bill go through all that and how it is to now have to wait and find out if another queer woman, another lesbian, another black lesbian, is going to die

this is depends on what is subverted next week and how it is all resolved, but for now this episode has left my stomach feeling weird

I wore (most of, it was too hot for the wig and tiara) my Wonder Woman armor to Pride yesterday along with a banner/standard I made myself and a shield that I repurposed from another cosplay. The shield said “Protect and Support Trans People”. Usually I don’t go to Pride because of a lack of discussion or representation for the -BTQIA in the acronym and because I’m not a heavy drinker or partier. But this year I decided that after the election I should go and, if anything, be representation. I wanted to be visible and my message to be unmistakable. Dunno if I succeeded, but it was great seeing the smiles on young trans peoples’ faces! 

  • 2015 tonys: best musical goes to a show about a lesbian.
  • 2016 tonys: best musical goes to a show with a mostly poc cast. none of the best actor awards go to white ppl. best revival goes to a musical about a queer black woman.
  • 2017 tonys: a show with one poc, no lgbt people, and a generic score wins best musical. best revival goes to a traditional show about straight white people. the revival show about gay men looses to it, as do all the actors from it.

Recently my fiance’ Shanae and I attended The Bridal Ball in Atlanta, GA. Shanae and I met so many amazing vendors at the bridal expo. We even entered a raffle for a full-service wedding planning package from DeMore Events, and won! Two days after the bridal expo DeMore Events emailed us to congratulate us and provide us steps to claim our prize. We accepted the offer and provided dates to meet and discuss our wedding day vision and contract. Days went by and we did not hear from DeMore Events. Four days later we received an email from DeMore Events saying that they apologized for not getting back to us sooner and stated, “we had some things we had to come to terms with.” They also proceeded to say in the email, “as difficult as it is to write this, we have decided the only way to stay true to who we are will be to decline serving as the planners for your wedding. Please understand, we had every intention of following through with what we offered because we are women of our word; but what we have come to realize is that we are also women of our faith. We accept that everyone’s beliefs are different, and still hope you are able to have everything you want and more on your day… We just know we won’t be able to be the ones to give that to you.”

My fiance’ and I were declined wedding planning services because we are a same-sex couple. We want to bring awareness and help ensure that no one else will experience this kind of discrimination.

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BESSIE SMITH 1894–1937

One of the greatest American singers of the 20s and 30s, known for her powerful delivery and often called “The Empress of the Blues.” Her parents had both died by the time she was a teenager, and to earn money, Smith began performing on the streets of Chattanooga with her brother. In 1912, she joined a traveling troupe that boasted the successful blues singer Ma Rainey—Rainey would become her good friend and mentor. Though she started as a chorus dancer, Smith soon developed her own act, and in 1923 she signed a record deal with Columbia, releasing the first album on their new “race records” series. With the popularity of her song “Downhearted Blues,” she became the most successful blues singer of the time, earning enough to live lavishly and travel town to town in her own private train. She married her husband Jack Gee around the time her first album was released, but it was a rocky relationship, with affairs on both sides. Most of Smith’s infidelities were with other women in her troupe, which sparked frequent fights, and when Smith discovered her husband had been sleeping with another singer, they separated. During the Great Depression, the recording industry took a hit, as did Smith’s career. She started to make a comeback by transitioning into swing music, but it was cut short when she was killed in a car accident. For years her grave was left unmarked, until Janis Joplin bought her a tombstone in 1970.

I asked to be in Brock Elbank’s Freckles project a year ago and finally got my portrait taken! I have been self-conscious of my smile before, but I actually like this picture of my self! Freckled queer disabled Asian for a win! Check out his other work at his Instagram @mrelbank!

Please, call me Queer.

Tonight I was on the receiving end of something rather hurtful that we talk about on Tumblr a lot: erasure.

Someone in a group chat I was in decided the acronym should be LGBTIA+, and was offering pride icons to the group. I said “I’m not any of those, I’m the Q,” and was told how they personally find that word uncomfortable so they left it out and used a plus sign instead.

Let me repeat that: my identity, the thing I have called myself since 2008, made them “uncomfortable,” so they just straight up removed it from the acronym and represented me with a goddamn plus sign.

So I’m done.

Don’t call me lesbian .Don’t call me wlw. CALL ME QUEER, IT’S WHAT I AM. Straight people, this goes for you too. You have my personal, this-directly-affects-me permission to call me Queer. My personal, this-directly-affects-me request, in fact. If you aren’t sure, the correct usage is the same format as any other part of the acronym: “Nina is Queer,” “Nina is a Queer woman,” “are you Queer?” I don’t really care personally if you capitalize it in casual use, but in official use I’ve never seen it uncapitalized (probably to differentiate it from the “well, isn’t that queer” usage).

PLEASE DO NOT LET A FEW SALTY TERFS PARROTING Q-SLUR BULLSHIT DESTROY MY IDENTITY. Queer is hated among that subset because it isn’t just a personal identity–it is a warm and welcoming umbrella that includes aces, trans folks, and nonbinary people. Not sure what you want to call yourself? It’s okay, the Queer community is still here for you. They HATE that and they’re trying to tear it down.

A final note: if you tag this post as “q slur,” you’re going to find yourself blocked in very short order. MY IDENTITY IS NOT A SLUR AND I REFUSE TO SEE IT TREATED THAT WAY ANY LONGER.