Reasons to watch The Shannara Chronicles


Set in a POST-APOCALYPTIC world where Elves, Gnomes, Humans, and MAGIC have emerged and live old school (kingdom style) but what’s really unique and cool is that you see the remnants of our MODERN world (technology) pop up throughout the series. 

It’s like THE 100 meets LOTR meets G0T meets REIGN

BONUS- decent story writing (not SUPER cheesy)

BONUS- diverse casting

Trans women feeling the need to identify as non-binary to not be one of those trans women who “upholds the gender binary” is precisely why I don’t identify as nonbinary despite not identifying as binary.

Solidarity with my siblings who don’t have access to gender theory and need womanhood to affirm their genders. Solidarity with the other rural queers who are still figuring it out. Solidarity with the trans women who have been isolated for having putatively “regressive” or “antiquated” identities.

Holy shit, I went for Into the Drowning Deep because all I needed to hear was “murder mermaids” and I was 800% there.

I was not expecting the beautiful queer autistic woman

and the beautiful queer romance she’d have

amid the mermaid murdering

damn if this book doesn’t have everything a girl could want

Happy International Women's Day to sex workers

We will be left out of the conversation today so don’t forget-

all the women of color, trans women, disabled women, women with mental illnesses, women with children and without, women who are non binary, gay/queer women, women who are asexual, women who are homeless - there are sex workers in every category and we have not forgotten you. ❤

Seattle’s new mayor is a lesbian who is getting sworn in in November instead of January because the old mayor has to resign because it turns out he has sexually abused at least 4 underage boys

Currently winning the race for sheriff is a woman married to another woman. Currently losing the race is the incumbent sheriff accused of raping and then intimidating into silence at least one woman.

Queer women taking the jobs of abusive men is a trend I am really behind and hope we can carry on to 2020

Transitioning isn’t always linear. It isn’t always “from one gender to another.” There’s a misconception that when people transition they increasingly conform to gender roles; that they reinforce the gender binary. If anything, the opposite is true. As we grow more confident in ourselves, we expand the boundaries of our presentation and how the world conceptualizes gender. The further on hormones I was, the less I felt tied up by the gender norms that restricted me throughout my teenage years. Transitioning can welcome in bodies to new forms of gender presentation and even create new genders. This development of self-consciousness isn’t just for us, it’s also a way of communicating that everyone should be able to express themselves. Transitioning isn’t just about gender: it’s about our ability to create community and understanding.

Man @ my fellow white people sometimes you gotta take a step back and realize that even if you have been oppressed for some reason (whether ur queer or a woman or disabled) that we still… have white privilege like I know that’s hard for some of y'all to understand but plain and simple, we have ever since race as it is known today was conceptualized (about 500 years ago at least) benefited from white privileged and we continue to do so today.

Like when a poc (especially someone who is black since we yknow enslaved their ancestors and continue to keep them disenfranchised and enslaved through the prison system) says they don’t feel sympathy for a white group historically isn’t saying that what happened to them is okay, but even oppressed groups (like white women in the 17th century 👀👀) can still oppress other oppressed groups. White women may have been “considered property” and been subjected to marital rape but like, not only did black people experience all of that and more, (considering you know, black people actually were property) white women had a hand in the oppression and foul treatment of slaves, we know this for a fact. No one is saying that white women weren’t and aren’t to some extent still oppressed just that black women experience everything we do and worse because they are both female and black. Black folk have a reason to dislike white people, and honestly most white peoples utter lack of empathy towards the black struggle is not only disgusting but isn’t going to engender any sort of sympathy towards white people, especially women.

(Particularly when historically speaking, black women have always been key movers in the white womens feminist movements and then receive none of the benefits)

you know maybe i haven’t been exposed to enough gay relationships on tv, but i’ve never seen an episode of any show filled with as many nonchanlant yet passionate queer love scenes- wether it be kissing,talking intimately and flirtatiously, making love. the bold type exceeded all my expectations with tonight’s show. they really treated kadena like any other couple. hell, at times even better than jane and pinstripe. i love when representation is so subtle yet so potent. kat doesn’t care about labels while adena finds strength in them. and also the fact that these are woman of different ethnicities and religious backgrounds, it is representation that overcomes any cultural divisions. a completely intersectional experience.

based on current ratings, this show is in great danger of being cancelled. unless there is a significant elevation in viewers, so please if you have a login for the freeform app, or if you have cable, start watching. the show only gets better as we near the end of the season.