You want your religious liberty and the right to not bake a cake/photograph/or provide a service for an LGBT couple because it violates your religious beliefs?


But you had better put a big ol’ sign on your business page saying who you don’t serve. “Does not serve gays.” “Heterosexual couples only.” “No queers.” Some shit like that. You want to be a bigot? Fine, then own that shit.

enchantment to be seen as the gender you identify with

you can use this spell to enchant basically anything, and wearing the charm on your person will cause people to see you as the gender with which you identify. this was specifically written for trans ppl (since i don’t see a reason why a cis person would need it?), and since it functions as a glamour it only works on OTHER ppl’s perceptions of you, not your own.


  • an item to enchant (something with a flat surface works best, because you’re going to be drawing a sigil on it)
  • a small paintbrush/toothpick/make up brush (you will be using this to draw the sigil)
  • “other people see my gender for what it truly is” sigil
  • eyebright (an herb to perceive the truth and cut thru illusions)
  • a heat-safe container of some kind
  • water
  • a microwave/tea kettle


  1. heat up the water, probably about 2 minutes in the microwave or till your kettle starts steaming. add the water to your eyebright and steep for 5 minutes. as it steeps, envision your intention for the tisane: imagine that the eyebright allows others to see thru the “illusion” of your assigned gender and recognize the gender you truly are.
  2. after this is done, take your brush (or whatever utensil you’re using to draw your sigil), dip it in the tisane, and paint the sigil below onto the surface of the object you intend to enchant.
  3. as you draw your sigil, clearly visualize your intention. imagine other people greeting you with your correct name and pronouns, gendering you correctly, or any other image that makes you feel safe and happy in your gender and your body. let those images enter your mind, then turn them into balls of light and imagine them filling the charm with energy.
  4. let your charm dry, then wear on your person at all times to receive the full results. if you feel like your enchantment is becoming weaker, you can charge it by re-drawing the sigil and repeating the steps above.

also also i got three new pins - one’s silver sharpie over a black background (that’s a small part of an inked crow, according to the maker) that says “dystopia dysphoria,” and one’s a wooden triangle painted pink, and one’s a teeny tiny pic of an accordion with “this machine kills fascists” around it 

anonymous asked:

9, 14, 15 on pride.

9. do you feel pride in who you are?

hell yeah i do 

how do you feel about the term “coming out” ?

do you believe there is a “closet” to come out of?

i think i’m going to answer these both together, because my thoughts on them are so intertwined. also, my friend/fellow poet Kay Kassirer has a fucking amazing poem about this whole topic that i’ll add below for folks to read - seriously, Kay’s a badass and it’s a brilliant piece. 

also i want to put a big ol’ disclaimer that these are touchy subjects and my thoughts are products of the places and ways i’ve grown up and the conversations i’ve had. we don’t need to agree. we might disagree strongly. that’s allowed, and you can talk to me about it. respectfully. disrespectful/hateful messages won’t get a response. 

i think it’s important to have language about this, because of the hetero- and cisnormative societies a lot of us live in. “coming out” is an accurate phrase for a lot of us, because our queerness is so often hidden just by default. 

that said, the idea that i have to come out to be “living authentically” is an aggravating one. i don’t want to tell people i’m queer - i want them to not assume that i’m not. personally, i’m at a point in my life where most circles don’t require me to explicitly state my queerness,  but the few that do are so… uncomfortable. if i slip up and say “partner/s,” or decide to pull someone aside to tell them my pronouns, i get weird looks and invasive questions. 

i think… other people (read: cishets*) build a closet that demands deconstruction. i think some days, i don’t want to do that, so some days, it seems like i’m “in the closet” even tho that’s laughable. i think… the closet is more akin to a coffin and that kind of makes me feel like my queerness is a zombie come back from beyond the grave to corrupt and confuse the brains of cishets. 

*cishets meaning cisgender, heterosexual, heteroromantic people that make queer/lgbtqia+/etc lives harder 

and here’s Kay’s poem (and a performance of it from september here [link]): 

I read an uber driver a poem because he asked me to
Told him of love using only she/her pronouns
And he said “the boys must be lining up for you” 

The term coming out of the closet is a mixed metaphor
Combining “coming out”, revealing a secret
With having skeletons in one’s closet
Meaning my identity has always been something to hide 

My queerness could be mistaken for a nipple or a tampon
Or something else that I’m supposed to be ashamed of
Things no one else are supposed to be able to see but I’ve never been told a good reason why 

My queerness stays skeleton in the back of my closet until I decide to take it out and put it on 

Which is just a metaphorical way of saying that straight and cisgender are the default
So every single day I have to prove myself queer
And honestly it’s easier with short hair and a rainbow pin

I finally understand why queer folks love patches and buttons so much
It’s because they keep us from just being skeletons
Hidden under flesh invisible
Here but not here
Shoved in the back of a closet

But I refuse to be a skeleton
I am not inside of a closet that I need to come out of
To prove to you that I am here
Trust me, I have always been here
In this body
Speaking my truth
Just because you weren’t listening
Does not mean I did not have a voice

this chicago dyke march thing is really fucking me up

I’m trying to understand what would posses people to keep using the word dyke and the legacy of the dyke march, when they are so clearly not dykes and do not support the actual goals of the dyke march

words just don’t mean anything anymore