while we’re at it, let’s address the ‘cultural relativism’ defense of fire emblem

I have seen many defenders attempt to justify the kamui/soleil support by noting how it invokes a common trope/stereotype in japan, wherein young women experience non-serious same-sex attraction that they eventually outgrow

this is a bad defense, and not just because “it’s a trope” is a meaningless justification for anything. some may be surprised to learn that saying “it’s just a phase” about young LGBT women also happens in the west, and it’s homophobic here too

bottom line: the “cultural differences” argument only works if this is something that queer women in Japan relate to positively. if this is just what straight men in Japan think of queer women, then I’m not gonna treat that as some inviolable cultural touchstone 

you find she is a gentle lover.
this is a surprise–
you have read the stories, after all,
of rough and hard and needy and fire.
you would have thought she’d be the same.

and yes,
she is still a flame
still burns with her every touch
but this is a warmth you can mostly bear.
hers is a light you can mostly stand
to look at directly.
she does not consume you whole like they said she would.

you ask her why,
and she tells you they warned her what it would be like,
to love you.
she tells you, “softness is a choice i choose for you.
i cannot give you the world,
or my whole self,
but i can give you this.”

when it is over
and she is gone beyond what you can see
and the afterglow has faded from the backs of your eyelids,
you almost regret this mercy.

she did not take everything

but she left enough
for you to recognize
what is missing.
—  the prophetess’ lover, Drea O.

If you’re overage/older don’t be an asshole to baby queers w views that are still emerging. Definitely help talk and have a dialogue when someone says something bad or misguided, but don’t unleash the unbridled hellfire on a young person who’s still learning and growing. 

You have every right to be upset and call someone out for being dodgy, but there’s a really weird ill defined line between calling out someone doing something bad, and being an angry adult scaring the hell out of an uninformed child.

We’ve all held horrible or outdated views on gender, sexuality, and identity at one point or another. It’s easy to forget how we learned better and outgrew all that, and even easier to not notice that you’ve become the adult.

In the blink of an eye we go from being teens and peers, to suddenly being 18 or our early 20s and not realising we’re now the big scary adults. So when you feel the urge to rage out on someone who’s barely a teenager and still saying all manner of nasty problematic stuff, remember you’re dealing with a young person and it can be pretty terrifying to have 20+ year old snapping at them. 

10 Real Girls Reveal If They Experimented With Other Girls When They Were Younger

Sexuality is a pretty confusing thing. You might not realize you feel a certain way until you’re older, and when you’re young, you aren’t as educated about sex. Sexual experimentation is completely normal at any age, but especially when you’re a curious young kid. At that age, it’s pretty harmless and you don’t really know what you’re doing.

Night Vale queer headcanons...

Cecil - Genderfluid, panromantic and homoflexible.
Carlos - Cisgender, skoliosexual, demi-homoromantic.
Dana - Agender (ze, hir/she, her pronouns), femme presenting, panromantic and bisexual.
The Man in the Tan Jacket - Bigender (male/agender, prefers male pronouns), androgynous presenting, queer (but doesn’t like to label his sexuality).
Pamela Winchell - Trans* woman, homosexual and aromantic.
Old Woman Josie - Cisgender, bisexual and heteromantic.
Faceless Old Woman - Aromantic, asexual and cisgender.
Steve Carlsberg - Cisgender, homosexual, homoromantic.
John Peters, Y'know, the Farmer - Trans* man, biromantic, heterosexual.
Leann Hart - Pangender, homoromantic, grey-ace.


this is fucking awesome!.. all these videos are fucking awesome ♥


How I Realised I was Bisexual | DaniSurname

To celebrate London Pride week I thought I’d do a couple of queer related video since I haven’t talked about sexuality in a while. This ones very storytime-y as I chat about how I realised I was bisexual and how that felt.

tbh every time someone is like “mainstream gays suck radical queer revolution” (or related rhetoric) I just flash back to my emo friends in middle school being like “fuck preps! abercrombie sucks lets go to hot topic!” lol 


I see a lot people standing up for LGBT rights by saying that they were born that way and can’t help it. Do not misinterpret me, I promise this will not be a bigoted rant. I just want to express myself on how, based on what I’ve learned in the few gender studies classes I have taken, this explanation doesn’t sit right with me. It seems to be implying that your sexuality or sexual orientation has to be biologically ingrained in order to be respected. Thus, the search for the ‘gay gene’. The general public is basically taught that if something isn’t biologically determined, it must be a conscious choice. That’s just bullshit. That’s like saying you consciously chose your religion; it doesn’t tend to work that way. The society/culture we’re born into, the experiences we have, the location, the history of that location, all of these things can influence us in the same unconscious way we imagine our biology does.

Why am I quibbling about this, you ask? I really fucking hate biological determinism. And I think it would be awesome if more people were exposed to social constructionist theory because it frees you from believing that this current, constricted 'normal’ is inevitable or inherent. And because homophobia, as well as racism, sexism, and general bigotry, are not going to be solved with the biological sciences. So stop wasting resources researching a so called 'deviant’ sexual gene, stop wasting resources researching whether a woman having a smaller brain is scientific proof that she’s more stupid, stop the general fuckery.

The biological tends to be associated with the unchangeable, while the social is associated with the ability to change or choice. Neither of these are true.

x Respect for the social sciences.

anonymous asked:

what's akoisexual aroflux? can you please explain? c:

akoisexual is the experience of feeling sexual attraction but not wishing for it to be reciprocated and/or feeling uncomfortable with others’ sexual attraction towards you

aroflux is the experience of most often not feeling romantic attraction and even when it IS felt, the intensity of said attraction fluctuates

attention tumblr writers / screenwriters!

hello! my names amanda and i’m a student filmmaker on the look out for other student creators to collaborate with in terms of writing. as you know, summer can be a super productive time, and i would really love to get creating as much as i possibly can.

the issue is: i love to film and edit and all that jazz, but i am not too gifted on the writing front. so if you have any old short film scripts laying around, or if you’d like to write something, i’d love to bring it into life together! obviously im a student and really can’t offer money, but i imagine there are people in the same boat as me who just want to get something made.

i’m really looking out for any story out there, but im esp interested in making queer related content. but whatever you got or whatever you can offer, i would rlly love it if you could send me a message! 

even if you aren’t a writer i would super appreciate if you would reblog, because filmmaking is incredibly important to me and it’s honestly hurting me not to be filming.