Do you love period dramas? Do you want to support gay-centered media?

The Burying Party, written and directed by Richard Weston, is a film that follows the last year in the life of Wilfred Owen, a gay man whose poetry about World War I changed the landscape of war poetry and landed Owen a much deserved standing as one of the most renowned poets in all of English history.

As of right now, the film is only halfway to completion. Weston and co. are relying on crowd funding in order to get the film done, and they need to raise £5,000 ($6,585) total in order to ensure that the film is finished in time to be released on the 100th anniversary of Wilfred Owen’s death in November of next year. The campaign closes on Nov. 27, 2017. That’s where you come in.

Here is a link to their KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN, where you can read more about the project, as well as watch the trailer.

Please share the word about this project and consider supporting it if you can! Wilfred Owen was an amazing historical figure, and there isn’t nearly enough media out there actively honoring not just his poetic accomplishments but also his sexual orientation!


Yesterday, I was so busy never got a chance to make a post about the opening of “Surprise, it’s a baby!” at UIC’s Gender and Sexuality Center in Chicago. This was a 1st for me & it was such a beautiful way to flex my mind & hands in a new way. The message at the core of the installation, like most of my work, was still the same: Keep Calm & Let the Baby Decide. This was a collab effort & I am so grateful to the GSC staff Megan Carney, S. Simmons, Moisés Villada, & Tia Barr for believing in & supporting me. Lastly, TY to all the people who came out last night & enjoyed eating rainbow “gender reveal” cake with me <3 You all made this such a memorable night. The installation will be up at the GSC’s Flex Space (1007 W. Harrison St.) until early Dec.
Statement: Gender reveal parties shed light on how our cultures’ ideas about gender are often forced upon our children. As an intersex person, meaning one of the 2% of people born with sex traits that do not fit the typical definitions for male or female bodies1, I’m not only interested in the ways that gender roles are learned through socialization but also how they are forced upon individuals. The common practice of subjecting intersex children to unnecessary surgical procedures for the purpose of trying to make our appearance conform to binary sex stereotypes1 highlights this phenomenon. Yet, there are many other ways we prescribe gender on our children that perhaps are not as obvious as intersex genital surgeries. Gender reveal parties claim to reveal a child’s gender, but in actuality are revealing whether the child appears to have a penis or a vulva. These parties are just one example of the myriad of ways in which our society pressures children, even before they are born, to conform to outdated binary gender roles. I hope this installation can encourage us to take a more critical look at the ways in which most of us, myself included, are complicit in the production and maintenance of our society’s antiquated ideas about about binary sex and gender.
The future is not only female, but it’s also trans, intersex, femme, non-binary, two-spirit, post-gender, hella black & brown, & all the things we can’t yet imagine…

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flash question: what makes us queer christians so fascinated by judas iscariot and his relationship with Jesus? go! (i'm genuinely interested in this though haha)

i think it’s because of judas’ place in the narrative as reviled pariah. judas was part of the inner circle, one of the men whom jesus trusted the most, held closest, loved and loved truly, but in spite of the fact that he was a man who hoped and prayed and laughed and tried to be good, we still call him devilish and irredeemable because we define him only by that one moment of his human weakness and not the whole picture.

the reclamation of him as a sympathetic figure is highly appealing to queer christians because we occupy a similar place in the narrative of our own lives– majority cis het christians call us sinners, liars, and betrayers and despise us just for existing, but in doing so they forget that we are ultimately people whom jesus loves abundantly. we are not just forgiven, as all believers are; our queer identities are heaven-sent, blessed, and so so holy.

look at it like this: if judas can be loved by christ unconditionally in spite of damning the man to his grave, if judas can hurt so much as to take his own life but then find both acceptance and healing in heaven, then we queer believers assuredly can receive limitless tenderness from the lord right here, right now. no matter how much any close-minded person might try to convince us that we’re damning ourselves for living our lives, judas is proof that anyone can be saved, and yes, that most certainly includes us. the intense hate we face is nothing compared to the sacred beauty which god knows exists in our survival.

in short, we queer christians are drawn to judas because he is imperfect and shunned and tragic and loved by jesus regardless. his story reminds us that no matter how our lives play out, there is love here for us now and love waiting for us on the other side. none of us are truly irredeemable

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I attempted a look from the movie Party Monster. It didn’t come out how I wanted cause the blood I made thickened up too fast and I couldn’t make the drip marks around the brain. I also didn’t have anything other than clay to make the brain portion but it actually looks decent in photos. I’m not strong at sculpting so I was like yeah I guess that’s a brain right? 😜