I’ve been going through the motions lately and after a really hard break up I was left feeling so empty. I’ve been stuck in a toxic mindset that I need someone, but I only need myself. I know I deserve great things and I’m gonna keep grindin and doing me. I’m in such a better place in my life and I have countless reasons to smile. You have to be happy for you! So smile 😁 it’s contagious

Im just so stokes about queer people guys,
Queer bisexuals
Queer lesbians
Queer gays
Queer trans boys
Queer trans girls
Queer nb people
Queer polysexuals
Queer pansexuals
Queer a-specs
Queer aromantics
Queer autistics
Queer poc
Queer demi peeps
Queer intersex peeps
Genderqueer peeps
Im just so in love with this awesome community we have, and the way we just bloom and flourish and are so unapologetic and unique. All my queer babies are precious and loved and deserve all the good things 💜

Why I'm a horrible child

In my math class there’s these two guys who tease and bother my friend and I. They also call me ‘she’. So one day I said, “can you just call me he?”
guy: “I’ll probably always call you she…until you grow a dick or something”.
Me: okay *diggs through book bag*
Guy: “oh no…”
Me: *pulls out beanie*
Me: *undos belt*
Guy: *~*
Me: *stuffs beanie down my pants* happy?
Guy: 0_o


Today I conducted a social experiment in regards to support for trans people in my city. I went to our local mall and held this sign up for an hour and a half. The outcome was phenomenal, I could only begin to describe how overwhelmed and excited about the results I had. There is so much support and love within the world, please never forget that❤️❤️❤️


Last week I read the anthology Love Is Love, published by DC Comics and IDW, an homage to the victims and survivors of the Orlando shooting.

I didn’t dare asking to participate when Marc Andreyko made an open call for creators. But after reading it, and seeing the DC characters there (which I didn’t expect), I kept thinking what would I have done, and I was inspired to do this short story. Couldn’t help myself actually.
It falls utterly and unashamedly under the category of fan fiction. My first ever.

And to expand on the meta commentary, given the hostile world we live in, as a queer author and activist I think mainstream comics still could use higher profile queer superheroes, tied to their most visible franchises, that are queer super activists alongside the ones that do add to minority representation but sometimes just “happen to be queer”. Of course, as a Wonderfan I think one tied to the Wonder Woman franchise would be just perfect.