When my friend Retts asked men why they were marching in last year’s San Francisco “Dyke” March, they answered that they wanted to support Dykes. “Then go to the side and cheer us on!” she told them. They ignored her. After all, our gay “brothers” are men, and as men in a man’s world, they feel entitled to be anywhere they want.

Whenever I talk about women, as I often do at universities, I can count on at least one female student asking, “But what about men?” This happens whenever non-feminist women are asked to prioritize themselves as women. So it’s not surprising that many Lesbian activists now are describing themselves as part of a “lesbigay” or “LGBT” movement, thereby identifying themselves with men and men’s issues.

I have a problem with that–not because I don’t think it’s important to make coalitions with other groups. I have a problem with Lesbians identifying as “queer” or working in a “queer” movement because a movement run by men has no use for examining power relationships between men and women–nor respect for sacred women’s space. These Lesbians who identify as queer, gay or LGBT always want to include men in Lesbian events. Gender studies is replacing women’s studies in the academy, and “queer” is replacing “dyke” in the streets.

—  Alix Dobkin “Queer and Present Danger”

As always, feel free to add to this list. They can all be found on iTunes (WTNV is also on YouTube) and, at the time I viewed them, are free to download and listen to. I haven’t been able to find any actual live radio shows which consistently discuss queer issues yet but if anyone else knows of one let me know and I’ll make sure it’s signal boosted on the blog.

Bi Any Means; “Focuses on intersections between social justice and secular humanism.” Examples of podcast episodes include “Asexuality and Atheism,” and “A Genderqueer Atheist Love Story.”

Queer and Present Danger; “Focused on the intersection of queer, nerd, geek, pop culture and entertainment.” Example of podcast episodes include “Steven Universe and Disney’s Descendants,” and “Diversity in Marvel Cinematic, Viola Davis and the Mikado Controversy.”

Welcome to Night Vale; “Twice monthly fictionalised radio show hosted by Cecil Palmer, featuring weather, news and traffic updates on the town of Night Vale, as well as announcements from the Sheriff’s Secret Police, mysterious lights in the night sky and dark hooded figures with unknowable powers.”

Let’s Process; AfterEllen created this podcast and it includes interviews with, for example, Natasha Negovanlis from Carmilla, the webseries. 

Trans-Ponder; “An internet radio show for those considering, seeking to begin or who are in the process of gender transition.” Includes episodes such as “Pride and Pronouns.” However there have been no new episodes since last year.

Queer No Chaser; AfterEllen writer Emily McGaughy and co-host Jennifer Buck chat about LGBTQ+ topics.

New Lesbian; From the creators of the same named blog, Elle and Edie answer questions sent from listeners about love and life as well as whats happening in the queer world.

Strange Fruit; Join Jai and Doc as they examine Black gay life through the voices of those who live it. Podcast episodes include “Racism in Queer Spaces,” and “Bisexual Visibility in a Non Binary World.”

Homoground; A podcast focused on music by queer and queer friendly artists.

Transition Transmission Transgender; “By and for transgender, intersex and gender questioning individuals as they discuss their lives and new surrounding transgender and lgbtq+ topics.”

Lesbian Lounge; Includes news, gossip, events, celebrity interviews, LGBTQ+ projects and new music.

2 Homos; “Ever wonder what two lesbians talk about when they get together? Well, wonder no more.” There are over 600 episodes.