My Asexual Story, 2018.

Another little autobiographical comic I whipped together (this was drawn in like two hours tops so don’t judge the drawings lmao). To clarify, I am in a happy long-term committed relationship with a non-ace girl and we’re both very happy with our relationship, and I have never had bad experiences with relationships because of my asexuality. Being ace isn’t a big deal to me - I barely think about it - but asexuality is something that a lot of people seem to have trouble fully understanding, so I wanted to take some time to describe it the way I see it in my life and from my perspective. Every story is different - here’s mine.


A little sketch comic about how bisexuality is totally cool and good and not bad.

The format is cliché!  I know.  But it makes it easy to talk about things I want to talk about.  Thanks for reading!

(I shouldn’t have to say this, but since a lot of people wanted to educate me on twitter: The words listed in panel seven [yes even in the parentheticals!] are just examples of how often acceptable language around gender and sexuality changes.  They are not lists of synonymous words, and many of them are now considered unacceptable.  That’s why they’re on the list. That’s what the list IS. I know.)


Good Girl Complex, 2018.

Growing up hearing what a “good girl” you are is probably some of the most toxic shit I know. Always guaranteed to make me cry in therapy. My own mother acted like she was my confidante, my greatest ally - until my identity became “inconvenient” and she ran out of lies to present to family and friends. When it became obvious that I wasn’t gonna stay single, that I loved and was loved in return, without shame, she abandoned me. Because I became too visible, because I wasn’t apologetic, because I refused to hide.

But I won’t be silenced. I’m the only person whose opinion about me matters in reality. I’ve built myself, my identity, my kingdom from nothing with my bare hands without anyone’s help, and I will be the king of this kingdom on my own. High is my throne and I sit on it alone. Don’t rely on anyone else to determine who you are - you are YOU, and no one else has a say in that.

I don’t like talking about personal things (like this is way out of my comfort zone) but if this helps even a single person out there, it was worth it. If you don’t know where you fit in, this is for you. If you are questioning, this is for you. If you feel like you’re not good enough unless you fit in to certain labels, THIS IS FOR YOU. I’m trying to learn to love myself outside of labels and boxes. Please try to love yourself, too.


The couple of months that I spent transitioning while still in the closet were some of the hardest of my life. Having little things I could do to help myself feel cute got me through the day, and reminded me of the exciting new life I was exploring at home. Unfortunately, every change provoked an avalanche of unsolicited comments - everyone kept asking “why this why that”. When I eventually came out, everyone kinda went “ohhhhh”.

This is an unreleased comic from my Trans Day of Visibility series from last year! I have some more coming, in addition to some ~exciting news~…



C.S. Pacat & Johanna The Mad on their new comic series Fence!

Writer C.S. Pacat (best known for her Captive Prince series) has been mercilessly teasing her fans with a new Top Secret Project™ for the last few days. Well, the wait is finally over, as the L.A. Times just broke the announcement for her new comic series, Fence!

Teaming up with the ridiculously talented artist Johanna The Mad, Fence follows Nicholas Cox as he joins the world of fencing at an elite boys school and becomes embroiled in the drama of competitive sports, team romance and rivalries, and good old self-discovery.

On finding inspiration for Fence, C.S. Pacat says, “I got really into sports comics in Japan, where I lived for about five years. I love the intense rivalries, the striving, the way you can take characters to their breaking point. Haikyuu!! and Hikaru no Go are easily some of my favourite comics of all time. Fence is like my love letter to the genre.

At the same time, I’m interested in female gaze and queer gaze art. I wanted to make something that had all the drama and intensity of a sports comic, while also being joyously and unabashedly queer.  I was really inspired by Ngozi Ukazu’s fantastic hockey web comic Check, Please!, and the recent Japanese animation Yuri!!! on Ice. I started to wonder, what happens when those energies come out in a combat sport—when you add in the danger and stakes of fencing?”

Fence means the world to me,” says Johanna The Mad. “It has always been one of my biggest dreams to draw comics, but I never thought I’d be able to work on one that I’d end up fangirling about!”

Johanna’s artwork captures everything that is hot, dangerous, and exciting about fencing,” adds Pacat.

Fence #1 hits comic shops in November, and it’ll have covers from Johanna The Mad and Kevin Wada (and maybe someone else we’ll seeee~) and colors from Rebecca Nalty.

Sometimes the smallest, silliest things feel like huge accomplishments ✨
One of my favorite parts of transition is experiencing the things I always envied. I had shoulder length hair as a kid, but refused to style it or do ponytails or use bobby pins. I rejected anything that would make me seem like I was doing something “feminine”… even though that’s what I really wanted. As I grew up, my hair got shorter and shorter as I repressed my feelings more and more. Now I have so many hair styles I want to try, and little things like being able to do a braid are really meaningful to me.


AHH! its finally done!! here’s the preview/prologue that shows how Hide and Hiroki meet 😄 for my first foray into comics, this isn’t so bad (i hope)

this will be available as a physical printed mini zine at my conventions this season, but kickstarter backers also get a copy automatically ✨

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An experience I had this past weekend. It was the first time I’ve ever seen tampons in a men’s restroom and they were free! That’s awesome!

NOTE: Some colleges are providing free tampons in the restrooms. For anyone who is upset because “they aren’t free in the women’s room,” I want to point out that this was at one of those colleges. I can assure you they provided free tampons and pads in the women’s restroom too.