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i used to think you were

a galaxy, full of supernovae and

collisions (and let’s not mention

the center)

and i only had to speak to you once

to realize i was wrong


you’re not a galaxy

you’re a universe, you

have so much in you,

and it’s more than

stars and novas because

there’s beauty in

infinite emptiness,

in unending, in

the vast scale of time interwoven with

my fingers

but you’re more than that,

you’re ants crawling on

trees growing and people

and aliens and planets

crumbling to dust

and sometimes there are

black holes

but its okay, because somewhere in you

there are two people

holding hands for the first time

in the back of a movie theater.

elisahamilton  asked:

everyone thinking that courfeyrac is dead after the barricades but him coming back from recovering in a hospital (preferably with quad)

Combeferre opens his eyes knowing that it has been eighteen days. The number flares behind his lids, under his tongue, against the insides of his cheeks, along the curves of his ribcage. Eighteen. One after the next. Plodding on.

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Hey friends! So you may have noticed that my blog is running entirely on queued posts lately, and what’s not queued is a readmore full of anxious rambling. This is because running this blog has become really stressful for me lately, and spending a lot of time on this dashboard (longer than it takes to queue a dozen posts and then run off again) can make me start to panic.

I know, it’s a personal blog and I can put whatever I want on it, but I feel like my followers have come to expect certain kinds of posts and it makes me very anxious to think that I’m not giving that to you all. Also, my schoolwork has gotten much worse, and this blog has been pulling my attention away from it. All of these combined have been pulling my depression and anxiety down into a place I don’t think is safe for me.

So, this brings me to the point of this post: I’m going to take a break from this blog for a bit. I’ll still queue some posts, but I’ll be running on a much smaller queue of only a few posts a day. I might stop posting entirely sometimes. This won’t be very often, and will likely be from pure forgetfulness.

There are two other blogs I run that have many fewer followers than this blog that I feel much safer running and will likely continue to run during the hiatus of this blog. They are glovoid, my (mostly inactive) aesthetic blog, and mildworryatthedisco, my (very active) bandom blog.

If you need/want to contact me, please do so at the second one. I won’t answer any asks or messages sent to this blog. I’m sorry.

I’ll still do the promo, I’ll reblog selfies if you tag me in them, and I’ll come back to this blog when it’s safe for me to do so without it hurting me. Don’t take this as a negative thing towards my followers, please: I love you all, you’ve been so supportive, and you’ve helped me so much these past few years. This break is purely for mental health reasons.

If the above text is too long/difficult for you to read, this is the short version: Running this blog has become bad for my mental health. I’ll be slightly active on it, but I won’t answer any kind of messages; if you need to reach me, I’ll be at mildworryatthedisco. This isn’t due to any outside reasons, but just my personal health.

Thank you all, and I hope to be back as soon as I can!