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Take creators stepping in and dismissing fan theories and interpretations of their works with a grain of salt. This is a lesson I learned early, from Anne “my vampires aren’t gay and also I might sue you” Rice. 

During the peak of my Vampire Chronicles love, I – at that time, a very petty fifteen-year-old –  set out to underline every single really queer moment in the whole series. Spite aside, I quickly realized that in a series where the protagonist runs away to Paris with clearly his violinist boyfriend, and convinces his next super angsty obviously boyfriend to MAKE A VAMPIRE CHILD WITH HIM to keep said angsty boyfriend from leaving, this was easier said than done. 

I mean, she’s not fully wrong – Lestat’s not gay, he’s very bisexual. Louis and Nicki are both hella gay, though. 

Anyway, I’ve meandered. The point is – creators can say wildly inaccurate things about their works sometimes. Anne Rice went Christian and didn’t want her books to be SUPER FUCKING QUEER anymore. Creators’ views on what they’ve made can change over the years. You never fucking know. 

Carmilla Series & Movie

Reasons why you should support the Carmilla Series and Movie:

1. The creators, actors, and all other crew members are amazing, work extremely hard, and deserve every bit of credit they can get. Funding a project like this will give them that recognition, and well-earned royalties.

2. It’s an LGBTQ series/movie that spotlights the entire community, not shadowing or graying any areas, and celebrates the community, rather than protests for rights.

3. This series has connected people, within the LGBTQ community and beyond, to one another, forming not just a fan base, but a family.

4. Art is a dying industry that needs to be respected, funded, and enjoyed by all. This series can inspire young artists from every corner of the field to grow their abilities.

5. There are no unhappy endings! For years, the LGBTQ community has struggled within movies, tv shows, books, and every other source of media entertainment, enabling queer characters to be sidekicks, misrepresented, and in a lot of cases left for dead (literally and figuratively).

6. Vampires. Duh.

(cheers to you, @carmillaseries)

The Goddess of Love is married to a man that she truly does not love. But on her wedding day, she first notices Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt. Their love will take them past the fall of Roman Empire, and beyond the days of the Gods.

This is Olympic Hearts: a tale of two goddesses . 

It’s my first ebook (really it’s more of a novelette). And it’s for sale on amazon for 99 cents. 

Support your local tumblr lesbian. Help me write more queer things. 

Calling Buffy Fans

Hello fellow Buffy fans!

I’m not sure if you’ve heard but there is a new show called Class. If you are a fan of Buffy then I would highly recommend it. Yes, the show is a spin off to Doctor Who, but do not let that dissuade you, you do not need to watch or even like Doctor Who. The show stands on it’s own. The show takes place at a school named Coal Hill, which is suddenly a hot spot for aliens. A group a teenagers and their teacher are fighting against these aliens, protecting their fellow students and school. 

Why would I recommend this to a Buffy fan? Well first off, the writer of the show wanted to give it a Buffy feel, but he wanted to make it darker. Like Buffy, the show has some amazing, powerful women. One of these women is an abuse survivor. Another one is a slave who constantly fights for her freedom. The third female character, is a 14 year-old black girl who is a genius. It takes place at a high school that is constantly under attack from aliens (with Buffy it is supernatural forces). 

Second of all, the show has two leading queer characters. Like the relationship between Willow and Tara, the relationship is a non-issue. The couple is established in the first episode and everyone accepts it. Due to the fact that the show was only given eight episodes, they could not develop the relationship as much. The relationship is healthy and loving, and like a normal couple, they have their issues and they talk about them. It is also worth mentioning that one of the boy’s in this relationship is a Polish IMMIGRANT. He actually shares his experiences about learning english. While the relationship is a non-issue, his storyline does tackle homophobia. His parents do not accept him, but don’t worry, his parents do not make an appearance so you will not see anything too upsetting. 

Thirdly, the show has amazing poc representation. There are two leading poc characters, and there is plenty more with the side characters. The classrooms are diverse, and the children’s parents also make appearances. Like Buffy mother’s Joyce, the parents are actually involved with their children’s lives. they find out what’s going on and they care about them. There is a positive father/son relationship. 

The show is not as good as Buffy, but it is still good. Two episodes have already premiered. If you wish to watch it then I would recommend watching it on the BBC America app. The show tackles posted, grief, guilt, depression, etc. The teenage characters are actually very relatable. The show is premiering on Saturday’s on 10/9c on BBC America. If you loved Buffy then you will probably enjoy this show. It’s got romance, action, strong female characters, poc characters, disabled characters, and queer characters. I could not recommend it enough. 

plutovevo  asked:

why is "monosexual" a bad thing? i thought it was just an easy way to say a person only likes one gender? i didn't think it was anything bad. (sorry if this question is offensive, im trying to be a more informed member of the queer com)

I’m going to reply to this one, so that astromousike gets a notification, but I have two anons about this too: 

im curious - why is monosexual bad? i thought it was used by bi/pan/poly people to describe homo/hetero people and that it literally means sexualities that are only attracted to one gender? is this bad????


What is monosexual and what’s wrong with the word?

You are correct in that “monosexual” does literally mean “person who is only attracted to one gender.” The problem with the term and especially with “monosexualism” is that it implies that gay men and lesbians are privileged on the basis of their sexualities, when they are not. It homogenizes biphobia from gay men and lesbians with biphobia from heterosexuals and treats it all as downward aggression, when really biphobia from gay men and lesbians is lateral aggression, and, like most forms of lateral aggression, it goes both ways

“Monosexism” as a term does nothing that “biphobia” does not, and “gay and lesbian monosexuals” is an absolutely revolting term that 100% of the time could have been replaced with “gay men and lesbians” without any loss of meaning. Frankly, I’m skeptical that much good will ever come from discussions that homogenize lateral aggression and downward aggression, but for the rare occasions when some good might come from it, there is nothing wrong with calling people “homosexuals and heterosexuals,” or even “people who are not bisexual.” (The latter phrase, despite what some people will claim, does not remotely have the same implication as “people who are not trans,” for example. “People who are not trans,” is a less-than-ideal phrase because it’s only necessary because cis-ness is normalized to the point where most people don’t even know the word for it. Monosexuality is not normalized to that point. Heterosexuality is. The moment that you forget that, your queer politics turn to shit. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.) 

Additionally, by referring to people as “gay and lesbians monosexuals” rather than “gay men and lesbians,” you are prioritizing their monosexuality over their actual identities. You are going out of their way to group them in with heterosexuals in order to paint them as oppressors, when really you could have made the same point if you’d just said “gay men and lesbians” but that would have required acknowledging that they are just as oppressed as you are. It’s all part of this bullshit ~queerer than thou~ thing that polysexual tumblr has going on, where we keep seeing ridiculous claims like “homosexuality is heteronormative,” and other bullshit that’s really transparently homophobic and does nothing to actually liberate anyone, but it does help certain popular bloggers score points and followers for ~calling out the evil gay oppressors~.

Yes, lesbian and gay tumblr does its own version of this, where they talk about “straight passing privilege” as if that’s a constant thing that can be quantified or divided up among sexuality lines. (There are bisexuals who will never pass as cishet. There are lesbians who easily can in most social situations.) It’s also based on the idea that heteronormativity is a privileged which is ridiculous. That’s also wrong. 

Speaking of lesbians, though, we really need to acknowledge that androsexuality is compulsory for all women in a misogynist society, and while certainly women of all sexualities can be hurt by this, claims that it does not hit lesbians in a unique and brutal way are ridiculous. Lesbians are oppressed for their monosexuality. You cannot separate a lesbian woman’s monosexuality from her oppression. Claiming that she’s privileged for her monosexuality or that it is in any way fair to lump her monosexuality in with a straight man’s, or indeed even a straight woman’s or a gay man’s, is ridiculous. 

Basically, both sides of queer tumblr needs to get its shit together, and a big part of this is killing terms like “monosexism” and “straight-passing privilege” dead so that we can have an actual dialogue where we listen to each other as two groups who are equally oppressed in different ways and who both sometimes hurt each other in entirely avoidable ways. Only then can we actually heal together and go back to putting our energy toward destroying the heterosexist patriarchy. 

Proponents of the terms “monosexualism” and “monosexuals” don’t actually want a dialogue. They want a one-sided conversation where gay men and lesbians accept all of the blame and have to do all of the work toward fixing the rift between our communities. Proponents of the term “straight-passing privilege” one the same thing, just the other way around. Both of them are wrong. 

Always great having to delete a post because the thinspo bloggers find it and start sending you messages about how fat you are.

Just for that I’m going to fill your hunger pangs tag with even MORE healthy poly queer vampire erotica. So there.

Lesbian TV Guide

Tv shows with queer female characters:

- American Horror Story
- Arrow
- Banana
- Black Sails
- Buffy The Vampire Slayer
- Carmilla
- Defiance
- Faking it
- Glee
- Grey’s Anatomy
- Lip Service
- Lost Girl
- Once Upon A Time
- Orange Is The New Black
- Orphan Black
- Person Of Interest
- Pretty Little Liars
- Rookie Blue
- Sense 8
- Shameless
- Skins: Second Generation
- The 100
- The Fosters
- The Legend Of Korra
- The L Word
- The Walking Dead
- Waterloo Road

Feel free to add more to the list