queer valentine


This girl is honestly the love of my life and I never even believed that those existed. Thank you for loving me, @ktorr19. I can’t wait for our lifetime together!

I finished my Valentines card for bae. Submit your valentines cards to me so I can check them out! Also happy birthday to my lovely son

I get all the chicks with my amazing crafting skills.. All of them Sorry not sorry.

Are people effing serious? Its 2017, wake the fuck up. #GirlslikeGirls and #boyslikeboys and that’s okay. #loveislove and if you’re too ignorant to understand such a basic concept, it is YOU with the problem. Stop allowing a book that has been cut and pasted 100s of times to fit each religious agenda to run your life. Be your own person and let go of hate. #Adidas for the win.


I had a super cute date at the drive-in with my bf for Valentine’s Day! It was adorable and we totally let the car battery go flat before the movie even started!
But then I worked out I could get doughnuts delivered to the car from a convenience store! Which was amazing 🍩🍿