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HELP! my friend wrote "if u read this ur gay" on an index card and then tricked me into reading it! what should i do??

join your queer student union and listen to carly rae jepsen

Has the LGBTQ community even heard the song “We’re All In This Together”?

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I've been devouring your books since my roommate pushed a copy of Feed on me. Now I am hopelessly invested in October. I thought you should know. I bought 3 of the most recent in the series yesterday, intending to stretch them out while I wait for the newest to be in paperback. I read all 3 back to back in less than 24 hours. Thank you from the bottom of my grumpy queer heart for Walther.


And also, secondarily, hooray.  :)  I adore Walther so much.  All he wants to do is make the world better, and maybe be allowed to teach his grad students lab safety GOD CARL, YOU’RE GOING TO SET YOURSELF ON FIRE AGAIN.  He’s one of the advisors for the campus Queer Student Union, and is never going to stop being awed and delighted by the fact that these kids, these mortal kids who know their time is short, are fighting so hard to make the world better right alongside him.

I <3 Walther.

Don’t You Try To Run Right Now

aka five times Mick Rory had to save Len Snart’s ass before he made a terrible decision about who to fuck, and one time he didn’t, in roughly chronological order.

aka what happens when @wacheypena and I agree that it looks like Len and Malcolm/Went and John are flirting in a gifset and everything spirals from there

1.    David Singh

They’ve made a habit of heading out to Saints and Sinners (the local dive bar) on Friday nights, in order that they can get drunk and find people to hook up with, in a rare show of humanity on Lenny’s part. Honestly, Mick’s begun to wonder whether Lenny’s just some kind of particularly pretty futuristic android. Usually Lenny sits and drinks until his hand gestures get more extravagant and he walks the block home with a wobble, and Mick watches Lenny until he’s inside the lobby of their crappy apartment building and leaves with some sweet little thing. Tonight, however, Lenny’s got his eye on some square-looking guy at the bar. Mick’s got to admit, Lenny has good taste – the man is certainly attractive – but there’s a major factor that makes him a no go.

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Daejae - Where you actually have a compass instead of a clock, and it leads you to where your soulmate should be. (sorry it took me a while)

Frankly, Youngjae always thought the soulmate compass was more inconvenient than it was convenient. A small circle on his wrist with a line through half of it could point him in the right direction, but it could never tell him how far his soulmate was. Hence, it was useless. Dumb, really. 

Instead of leading him to his soulmate as the great poets of the past would make him believe, it was just an small, scar-like tattoo that itched whenever the needle moved.

And yet people lost their shit over it.

On the TV they’d always show it the same way. The protagonist would run around the city searching, only to find the right person and know right away. They’d hold their wrists up and circle each other, watch how the needles stayed center, and know it was right.

Well. Okay. People did do that to check. It was the best means to. But, Youngjae held to it that any idiot running around their hometown staring at their wrist intently deserved the inevitable bus crashing into them for not looking where they were going. It kind of killed him on the inside to know that was how his best friend’s soul mate had been before they met. Yongguk, like a reasonable, sensible, slightly fake-deep person had covered his own tattoo so he could ‘fall in love without fate’. Himchan, his soulmate, had spent approximately four years wandering around Seoul staring at his damn wrist and circling people until he found Yongguk in the university coffee shop.

TV likes to tell you it’s perfect from the start too. That’s the real, unquestionable bullshit of the matter. Yongguk thought Himchan looked like a spoiled priss the first time they met. Himchan, whenever drunk, admits that if his compass hadn’t pointed at Yongguk then he wouldn’t have spoken to him because he looked like ‘a homeless philosophy student’. Youngjae thought they were both a bit too judgmental of strangers because frankly neither label really fit either of them. But, they were happy, so it didn’t really matter. Not perfect, but happy.

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Bi visibility fics

Hello my lovely fellow bisexuals (and the rest of you, too, I guess). Yes, it’s Bi Awareness Week again. Here are some of my Sterek fics related specifically to being bi. (You can find all my fic here.)

Never Been Subtle

Stiles has something important to tell Scott, but Scott’s not making it easy.

You’re Gonna Kill Me When You Snap Out Of This

“Scott. You call me back right fucking now. What the unholy hell is going on with Derek right now? This is … this is NOT RIGHT. Is he possessed? He’s … talking. A lot. And SAYING NICE THINGS ABOUT ME. Really specific, awkward things. What’s going on, man? Am I hallucinating? Call me back right. fucking. now.”

My Dick Calls Bullshit

Stiles and Derek are in their apartment getting ready for a Bi Pride party at the Queer Student Union when Derek drops a bomb:

He’s not bisexual.

Am I the Last to Know?

“Ohmygod. Whatareyouwearing???

Derek tugs his shirt away from his skin to look down at it and then stops breathing. He had come home late and crashed without changing. Shit. Shit. He just stands there, stunned for a minute then turns around and walks back to his room, shuts the door, strips off the shirt, peels off his jeans, crawls in bed, pulls the covers over his head, and goes back to sleep.

I’m Bisexual and I’m Not Attracted to You

Stiles has some news for Jackson “I’m everyone’s type” Whittemore.

Say HI if You’re BI

Inspired by:

kabudy: Why does no one tell me if we have people over, I just walked downstairs wearing a ‘say hey if youre gay’ T-shirt and batman boxers. We had 8 people over. They saw


Raleigh, North Carolina: At least 80,000 people join in the massive Moral March against racism, for jobs, voting rights and social justice, February 8, 2014.

Photos by Jason Bowers, Theo Luebke and Nancy Brown

Queer Scientist of the Month: Angela Clayton

Our March 2016 Queer Scientist of the Month is nuclear physicist Angela Clayton!

Clayton, whose interest in criticality, safety and health physics saw her working to improve the safety of nuclear reactions, was also an active trade unionist and trans rights advocate.

Her work in LGBT campaigning included close involvement in the Gender Recognition Act 2004, which allows trans people to legally change their gender marker and acquire a new birth certificate. Clayton also served as the vice-president of Press for Change, a UK campaign group who focus on legal trans rights, and as the first ‘trans observer’ to the Trades Union Congress LGBT Committee.

In 2006 Clayton was made an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) for her “services to gender issues”.

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Hey so I just found your blog (more specifically your selfies) and I just????? Can't decide if I want to date you or be you. Sincerely, a trans man who is seriously in awe of you holy shit you're the hottest angel I've ever seen

Lol I’m not that hot or attractive. But thank you I’m flattered. And trust me you don’t want to be me right now. I’m a ball of stress. Belly dance practice every other day, gym, QSU(queer student union) meetings, school, and trying to find a job. Trust me cutie. You don’t wanna be me right now. 😂😂💙