queer street art


Portrait of Islan Nettles Last year Islan Nettles was beaten to death outside a police service area in New York. Here murderer was charged with a misdemeanor for assault. Transgender women face extreme rates of discrimination, and for trans women of colour that often comes in the form of violence. The murder rate for trans women of colour is insanely high compared to the rest of the general population, and it is not uncommon that the murderers go free. This is outrageous. Its a sad part of our society, and needs to be dealt with in some way.

Read more about Islan Nettles story, and the legal situation around violence against trans people in this article by Parker Molloy

Being ourselves My shows for this year are over, and I’m happy to get back to single paintings for the streets and for people. I’m also happy that the last show is over I can start experimenting with my style a little (hence the messy dots in the background). The text on this painting reads, “This is not for anyone else. It is just us being ourselves.” I guess this is cryptic enough to mean anything to anybody. ;) But I think its appropriate for queer expression. People often forget, or don’t understand, that when people express themselves against mainstream expectations its usually just because the person feels comfortable in that expression.

The painting is based on a photo of the super gorgeous Chelsea Poe. Check out all there stuff, and show them some mega-love!


There’s Too Much Sexist Street Art A certain amount of street art paints women in a not very empowering way. Often women are painted with hyper-sexualized, unrealistic body shapes (over-sized lips, boobs, butts, and tiny waists). This always bothers me. There are so many degrading images of women in advertisements scattered around the city and on tv. Its sad to me when artists do the same exact thing. Personally, I’d rather see women painted as if they are people with their own identity, rather than simply a decorative element. 

These paintings are based on 2 bad ass queer feminists that I’ve drawn inspiration from. I hope you enjoy them.  xx