queer slogans

From my experience as someone who identifies with the word “queer” I think it’s important for people to understand that the word doesn’t just mean going to gigs to support LGBTQIA+ youth or wearing little homemade patches with catchy slogans on. 

Queer also means crying in your uncle’s garden because he died from AIDS too soon and now nobody is there to feed his chickens. 

Queer means listening as your best friend explains that the person he loved most in the world didn’t even get to hear his mother call him by the right name until after he had died.

Queer means helping your best friend clean her family’s graves on a Sunday morning and vowing to never forgive the people who put them there.

Queer is crying, and hurting, and understanding that our community is made up with as much loss as it is life. 

Queer is understanding that we go to gigs and buy homemade patches and do happy nice things within our community BECAUSE of that pain.