queer shit


Fuck your societal norms.
Fuck your standards.
Fuck your prejudices.
Fuck your heteronormative pressures.
Fuck your labels.
Fuck your judgments.
Fuck your narrow-mindedness.
Fuck your bible thumping.
Fuck your confusion.
Fuck your fucking fuck shit.

‘Scuseme while I go fuck the shit outta the love of my fucking life.

what I want from the ghostbusters sequel is erin and holtzmann canonically dating, but I want it to be subtle. I want no explanation, no interlude, erin and holtz are just dating in the next movie. no gay panic, no beating around the bush, they’re just already dating when the movie starts, and we can sort of tell but then it’s made official when they share a casual kiss goodbye or something of that nature. I don’t want it super sexualized and I don’t want it super cliche and ugly and like BUT I’M STRAIGHT!!! no I just want it to be just like they introduce straight couples in movies. I want it normalized and I want it casual and I want it now.

i just want queer people to fucking invade every fucking piece of media

i want conservative parents fucking squirming as their kids realise that queer people fucking exist

i want the radio to be full of songs which we can relate to and cishet people can’t

i want tonnes of young adult books for all the kids who are finding themselves, so that they can find people like them in their stories

i want queer princesses and queer super heroes, i want queer comedies and queer dramas

i want queer representation

and i don;t want white cis gay boys in all of them either that is not fucking representation

we deserve better

Do you ever get blown away by how gay you are?

I’m sitting on my bed researching lesbians in the military for my APUSH paper and listening to a wlw playlist on 8tracks. I’m wearing a baseball tee that says “I got 99 problems and society’s attitude towards sexual orientation and gender identity covers like 98 of them.” I have a pride flag covering one of my windows and pride bead curtains over the other two. The only lights on in my room are rainbow Christmas lights around the edge of my walls. I have two rainbow laptop stickers and there are rainbow streamers from homecoming on my closet door (heh). I have an entire bookshelf of queer literature and a David Levithan novel on my bedside table. Spread out across my floor are about 15 books on homosexuals in the military. I’ve got an article in front of me called “Uncle Sam’s Lesbians.”

TL; DR: My life has become so aggressively homosexual and I don’t know what to do with myself.