queer racism

  • What gay movies are: attractive, but shy guy meets attractive, but shallow guy. There's a lot of sex and it probably ends sad.
  • What lesbian movies are: blonde girl who is about to marry her loving fiance suddenly falls in love with the dark haired wild lesbian. There's a high chance that at least one of them dies at the end (probably the dark haired one).
  • What other queer movies are: ???????!? Do they even exist?
  • What queer movies should be: Bisexual space pirates save the universe. Genderfluid kid is the protagonist of a teen rom com. Transboy travels the world to make good music and meet interesting people. Asexual demigirl kicks ass in her secret super hero identity. Polyamorous squad goes on a fantasy adventure with dragons and quests. Not everyone is white and able-bodied and a walking stereotype. Queer ladies live. Happy Endings.

Words aren’t oppressive

Being an easily offended pussy is your choice

You need dysphoria to be trans

Women aren’t oppressed in the western world

Islam is toxic

Communism is stupid

SJWs are generally hateful and racist

Non-white people don’t need your help

Gender is not a social construct

I welcome the anon death threats with open arms, for you’re just proving my point.

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Andrea Gibson - A Letter To White Queers, A Letter To Myself
Andrea Gibson on racism from the white queer perspective. This powerful poem moved me to tears. Performed at Columbia College in South Carolina.

“Who are my people? What determines whose death will storm my chest, will flood my eyes? Will make me want to burn down a fucking city and pray with every ounce of my winded grace that more than smoke will rise?”

“They’re just opposing views, that doesn’t make one less fair or worse than the other” is fundamentally false.

Gay rights activists aren’t working against straight marriage. Homophobes are working against gay marriage.

Pro-choice activists don’t want everyone to get an abortion, they want everyone to have to option to. “Pro-lifers” want nobody to get an abortion, whether or not the pregnancy is safe or the parent is ready or well equipped.

People fighting for racial rights aren’t asking for to be treated better than white people, they’re asking to be treated the same as white people, while white supremacists/racists want minorities to have less rights than them, or for other races to be straight up eradicated.

These aren’t two sides of the same coin or differing opinions. This is a matter of one group working for equality, and the other working selfishly against it. These things aren’t just excusable as a opinions. It’s past that.

At first, I kept my romantic affairs with women casual, never getting too invested. Though I was out about my sexuality, I never felt the need to display affection in public. But when I met my future wife, things changed. We wanted to hold hands everywhere. We kissed goodbye on the subway and put our arms around each other in the theater to keep warm.

This might seem like nothing for a straight couple. But I’ve noticed that there is a strange hierarchy of handholding that dictates who gets to express physical affection without repercussions. For straight couples it’s fine, of course. For white gay couples it’s a little less fine. For black lesbians like us, it can feel like a radical act.
My favorite things tbh

1. Happy and confident Queer-folks.

2. Proud and happy POC people.

3. Fluffy cats.

4. Openly LGBTQ+ characters in popular movies games TV and Etc.

5. Dimples and Freckles.

6. Gender stereotypes being destroyed.

7. Non-radical feminism.

8. Adorable happy Trans-people.

9. Boba-tea

10. Crushing the souls of terfs.