queer propaganda

the new Thing that i keep seeing pop up with my liberal feminist friends is that disliking the word queer is TERF propaganda. it’s really grating on me to see this idea accepted and spread by people i trusted and care about and there’s always been a wedge driven between me and my non radfem friends, but this feels like a new line has been crossed. they’re making it clear that not only are the feelings and experiences of gay and lesbian people unimportant but they’re somehow actively hateful and wrong. they keep getting more and more aggressive with their outright homophobia and misogyny and it’s wearing on me so heavily. my only hope as it drives me away is maybe it’ll drive others away and inspire others to dig deeper and discover the same wisdom, protection, and comradery radical feminists have provided me

As someone who spends a lot of time looking at queer stuff and Soviet propaganda posters, I am getting a kick out of pridepropaganda.  However, I would like to submit that even without rainbow photoshopping, a lot of the Sino-Soviet friendship posters are hella gay.

Exhibit A here looks like a promo picture for a rom-com about two single dads who meet and, despite their cultural differences, end up falling in love and raising their children together happily ever after.

I assume this one’s the USSR/China college AU.

Awww, they met at work, how sweet!



This one isn’t actually particularly gay, it just amuses me because it looks like a Hardy Boys cover.  (Insert joke about the Hardy Boys and inherent gayness here).

beautiful-days-gone-by  asked:

What is your opinion of the development of Princess Bubblegum and Marci's relationship? I feel like Pendleton Ward is implying a more queer friendship the more we see.

They’re totally queer.

I just finished a yt video (i’ll post tomorrow) and in it i briefly discussed what I thought. I love it, i looooove it. I feel like pen ward is deff implying something going on as the seasons go on. But I feel like he wold get really weird backlash if their relationship were to go canon. Like, remember a few years ago that lady that flipped out after that episode of Spongebob where spongebob was an implied wife and patrick was the husband and they had a clam kid together? I feel like he would get that kind of backlash and even though that was years ago, soooo many people are still SUPER HOMOPHOBIC. Like in Paranorman when that jock kid revealed he had a boyfriend, remember how much backlash that movie had? Oh god. Like, anything to do with ‘kids shows’ and queer relationships the homophobs always seem to find it. 

Just let us spread our queer propaganda god dammit we have cookies.