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sirius doodling remus’ name in his notebook when no one’s looking

sirius not learning anything for weeks because he keeps staring at the back of remus’ head in classes

sirius smiling and nodding while listening to james wax poetic about lily’s eyes while absentmindedly thinking about a certain grey/blue

sirius in such deep puppy love that he trips over his own feet when remus smiles at him *u*

Questions for Potterheads

1. Which would tempt you most- the Cloak of Invisibility, the Elder Wand, or the Resurrection Stone?
2. Favorite wizarding family?
3. Favorite wizarding candy?
4. Favorite spell?
5. OTP?
6. NOTP?
7. Favorite ghost?
8. What holiday would you like to celebrate at Hogwarts?
9. What class would you get a “Troll” in?
10. Broom, thestral, hippogriff, or flying motorbike?

Would you rather be a:
11. Metamorphogus or Animagus?
12. Muggle or Squib?
13. Weasley or Malfoy?
14. Hufflepuff or Slytherin?
15. Gryffindor or Ravenclaw?
16. Auror or Professor?
17. Beauxbatons student or Durmstrang student?
18. House elf or a Goblin?
19. Mermaid or a Centaur?

And finally-
20. You and one other person can go to Hogwarts, never to be seen by the Muggle world again. Who do you take?

i don’t know why, but I imagine remus being helplessly clumsy as a teenager, all sprawling limbs and two left feet. it always gets worse around the full moon, as if the wolf inside him can’t get used to this boy’s small body. the other marauders have endless fun with this. whenever remus drops his books all the other boys will follow suit, resulting in a massive pile of parchment, paper and spellbooks. whenever he walks into a doorway, the other boys will all pile into him, with cries of over-the-top surprise and the occasional snigger from sirius. even as a wolf remus runs into trees and trips over his own paws, landing nose-first into the dirt while padfoot rolls on the floor, laughing in a weird series of barks. 

AFAB trans James Potter in his first year always playing up with pranks and raucous behaviour because he thinks it makes him more like ‘one of the boys’

Second year James Potter getting magical hormone blockers and feeling 10000% better so he gets cockier, happier, and more like the marauder we know and love

James Potter coming out to the other marauders

Sirius Black calling James Potter his brother

James Potter constantly trying too hard to impress Lily Evans because he believe that other boys have more to offer than he does

Lily Evans finding out about James and still secretly liking him because it makes no difference, he’s still the same boy she’s starting to love

James Potter having surgery in the wizarding world which allows him to bear children with Lily

James Potter being the best father and husband anyone could ever ask for

lil thoughts to get u guys thru life

  • harry and draco both realizing theyre nonbinary and being afraid to tell each other, but when they do, its tears and hugs
  • draco being self conscious bc he sometimes prefers more feminine clothing and being worried that harry wont like him as much but irl harry thinks its adorable + sexy
  • draco and harry trying to use their FAME! (I wanna live forever…) status in the wizarding world to reach out to other lgbt wizards 
Calling Queer Potter Fans!

I am looking for folks who identify as LGBTQ who grew up feeling different and/or being bullied who also grew up being a Harry Potter fan. 

I am working on a project discussing being a queer youth who escaped into JK Rowling’s books as a coping strategy. 

If this applies to you please shoot me an email at iammoreproject@gmail.com to talk about the experience. 

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