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IN THE SUN; a sweet mix of 20 summer songs for long bright days
i’m entering a competition with this so please make sure you play, like, and reblog this mix! thank-you so much :D

d-d-dance // the royal concept
jenny // walk the moon
sleeping with a friend // neon trees
colour your ways // swim deep
mute // youth lagoon
run // vampire weekend
always like this // dan croll
chartreuse // capital cities
pelican // the maccabees
little secrets // passion pit
what you want me to be // the jungle giants
lupe brown // the fratellis
the hale bop // mystery jets
she moves her own way // the kooks
daylight // matt & kim
something good can work // two door cinema club
corner of an english field // tribes
no adventure // spector
venice // the lighthouse & the whaler
blow your mind // the vaccines

✿✿✿ help a trans boy out ✿✿✿
cw for abuse, family, school, dysphoria, binding etc.

i’ve decided to start accepting donations because my mental health and dysphoria are getting increasingly hard to cope with. i’ve been denied any sort of support from the NHS until i’m out to my family, including my grandfather who raised me in a queerphobic, racist, abusive environment. i do not feel safe coming out to almost all of my relatives, and my mother (who is the only person i have told) has repeatedly used slurs against me.

at the moment i’m developing permanent marks where my binder is cutting into my skin. i’m binding almost 24/7, and my lower back is basically fucked. i know it isn’t safe, but it is my only option until i can get top surgery, which won’t be for at least another year. the binder i currently own is around two sizes too small because it has shrunk in the wash. i need a binder that fits.

my bottom dysphoria has close to ruined my relationship and is a huge source of constant anxiety. some days i can’t leave the house because i know i do not pass as a cis male. i don’t feel comfortable talking about it in detail on here as i’m followed by people who know me irl from college, but if you want to know exactly where the money will be going to please message me off anon.

my paypal email is robinbot7@gmail.com and there is a donate button on my bog, which you can use to donate any amount. please do not feel pushed to donate, but if you have even the smallest amount going spare i would be forever appreciative. thank you so much.