queer pin

"Token Queer" Lapel Pin
It's a big responsibility being the only queer in the group. Wear your "token" status with pride by sporting this tongue-in-cheek pin.

Have you ever wanted to proudly proclaim your status as the sole queer in your family, class, workplace, or friend group? Well, at last I’ve come up with an elegant solution. The “token queer” pin is a die-struck metal lapel pin finished in antiqued gold to look like a real vintage brass bus token. Classy and functional!

A pledge of just $10 scores you not only a pin of your own to cherish, but my eternal gratitude! Help me get these pins made and into the hands of queer kids everywhere!


Come out swingin’

You’re not just queer, you’re aggressively queer: with a chip on your shoulder and a give-em-hell attitude. Need a boldly stylish way to flaunt it, express how sick you are of cis/heteronormativity, or set ‘em straight with your pronouns?

I designed a set of buttons; just for you! Or well, I designed them for myself, and then figured hey, someone else might want these too.

I only have a handful so far, but if these take off I’m hoping to add more pronouns, or even take custom orders!

Find them on my hot-off-the-press etsy, and help support a fellow ill-tempered queer. Like the art? You can also give support by checking out/sharing my commission page! Contact at blindfoldambition@gmail.com.