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1.5″ (3.81cm) PRIDE FLAG BUTTONS! We have 4 listings to make the pins easier to search for on Etsy, but you can order any of the 31 pins using any of the 4 listings! Check them out at the following links: Agender to Bisexual, Demiboy to Gender Binary, Genderfluid to Neutrois, Non-Binary to Transgender

These are Mix & Match sets, you can mix ANY of the pins in our shop. All our pins are $1 or less. 

  • Agender Pride
  • Androgynous Pride
  • Androphilia Pride
  • Aromantic Pride(New!)
  • Asexual Pride
  • Autosexual Pride
  • Bisexual Pride
  • Gay Pride
  • Gender Binary Pride
  • Genderfluid Pride
  • Genderqueer Pride
  • Gynephilia Pride
  • Demiboy Pride (New!)
  • Demigirl Pride (New!)
  • DemiFluid Pride (New!)
  • DemiFlux Pride(New!)
  • Demisexual Pride(New!)
  • Heterosexual Pride
  • Intersexual Pride
  • Lesbian Pride
  • Lipstick Lesbian Pride
  • Neutrois Pride
  • Non-Binary Pride
  • Pansexual Pride
  • Polyamorous Pride
  • Polysexual Pride
  • Skoliosexual Pride
  • Straight Ally Pride
  • Transsexual Pride
  • Transgender Pride

If there’s a button flag missing that you’d like to see or think we should include, please let us know! Send us a message with a source with the flag details. We are always expanding our flag sets :).

Pinterest users can check out the pin here!

So shiny! These QUEER pins are just the thing to add to your outfit for a bit of pride. These are limited edition, so once they sell out, they won’t be back 🌈💜 ⠀ ⠀

ALSO: I’m looking to donate a bunch of these to an LGBTQ* centre. Tag your favourite centres below (or just write their names if they’re not on here) and they might win some QUEER pins!⠀EDIT: I’ve chosen the Magic City Acceptance Center! ⠀

[Image description: A hand holding an enamel pin in front of a colourful wall. The enamel pin has shiny dark metal and features the word “queer”, each letter being a different colour of the rainbow.]⠀⠀


I decided it’s finally time to give this blog a jacket update, so here is the probably finished product! The beartooth patch and the “we exist” patch are home made. @brigayde-gang

(To the people calling me a nazi because of the hydra patch: please stop. I like comic books. That’s why it’s there. I’m not defending nazis by having that on my jacket)

Sunny Sapphic Shop: The sequel 

Well I’m back with 10 new designs!! all revolving around reclaiming pin up girls for the WLW gaze. Above is just a sample of a bigger collection :^) 

I offer a shit ton of non- tshirt products like sweatshirts, tank tops, stickers, coffee mugs, notebooks, prints, etc. So everyone wins! 

You can find my shop (new and old designs) here xxx

Thank you!  

They’ve arrived!

I should have the majority (if not all) of my Pansexual Pandemonium pins mailed out by early November, so once those are set I’ll be making these available to everyone in my Etsy shop!

I’m super happy how they turned out. They look almost like cartoons pasted into real life.