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A series of tweets from bogiperson on Twitter which reads:

“can someone explain why all of a sudden everyone is leaving out the I from LBGTQIA -> LBGTQA? most intersex people are in favor of including

(if you need a citation for that, there is some data about acronym preferences for US intersex adults in Contesting Intersex)

and the whole “let’s exclude the I from the acronym” was afaik started by non-intersex parents of intersex children and is purely anti-queer

and if you are in the SFF community specifically - i do not know a SINGLE intersex person in SFF who wants to be excluded from the acronym.”


{ picture 1. orange flower with white bold text saying “bisexual women are awesome”. 2. red flowers background with bold white text saying “Pansexual trans women are awesome!”. 3. Purple flower background with bumblebee with white bold text saying “polysexual trans women are awesome!” 4. pink flowers background with white bold text saying “m-spec trans women are awesome!”}

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