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@lameeejaneee was super sweet and tagged lil old me, so y'all get to see me stoned and confused by technology 😂 I’m passing it on to @persephonegoddessoftheunderworld @floralwitchprincess @thesmokinglesbian and anyone who needs to take a minute to themselves 💛

PDX Pride

I went to Pride today…in guy mode. Y’all are probably disappointed in me. But it’s not the easiest time for me. The school year is over, and I had to say goodbye to eighty great kids who I probably will never see again. I came home everyday to a wife struggling with being a newcomer in this crazy country. I’ve had so many feelings culminating all week long, and on Saturday night they burst. When it rains, it pours. I felt incapable and unwilling to dress up and being around a thousand people in broad daylight.

Instead of it being my big coming out, I went to support my new friends. My wife and I ended up having a great time. Happy Pride, everyone :)