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Somewhere Inbetween #10 (12/11/16)- Its the new math… or rather the old math in a new skin.

BTW if you want to see Queer pocs on film go see “Moonlight” and “The Handmaiden” (the handmaidens is foreign film and that why I did put it in the comic since is not a mainstream hollywood film.)


Hey guys 😁

I go Spelman College which is historically women’s* and also an HBCU and after coming out to my entire school and Alice Walker (yes, THE Alice Walker) as a trans man, our neighboring school’s (Morehouse College) newspaper, The Maroon Tiger, decided to include me in their newspaper/magazine/narratives which was the “Black Man Edition”.
It’s been all over Twitter but I realized I haven’t posted it on Tumblr.
This is such a huge deal to me especially going to an all women’s*, all black institution. To be recognized by the black community as trans and as a man is a win, especially for these institutions.

So please watch as I talk about attending an all women’s* institution as a man, my new name, starting T & the significance of it all✨

Black Machismo by Essex Hemphill

Metaphorically speaking
his black dick is so big
when it stands up erect 
it silences
the sound of his voice. 
It obscures his view
of the territory, his history, 
the cosmology of his identity
is rendered invisible.

When his big black dick 
is not erect
it drags behind him, 
a heavy, obtuse thing, 
his balls and chains
clattering, making 
so much noise 
I cannot hear him
even if I want to listen.

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How is lin biphobic?

He wrote a whole musical about a bi man and didn’t bring it up once.  It’s not anywhere even in the subtext. 

For all it’s supposedly revolutionary qualities and all the praise Lin gets for diversity, he’s missing out on showing queer poc.  And it’s not like Hamilton wasn’t the perfect time to do it.  In fact, no opportunity could’ve been more perfect given Hamilton’s actual history (and imagine the light it might have shined on other queer figures in history).  And like an immigrant, queer, man of color helping to revolutionize America?  GIVE ME IT.  But he didn’t. So he can take his straight man “love is love is love” speech and bite me.  Talk is cheap.  Show me in your art, bro.

And I can’t take arguments that we don’t KNOW for certain about him and John Laurens. We also don’t KNOW for certain Angelica Schuyler Church was in love with Hamilton, yet Lin had no problem with that.

An FTM Apology

Dear family allow me to interrupt your lives of denial from 1300 miles away.
You say that I owe you all an apology, at first I couldn’t figure out for what.
But I guess everyone is entitled to some period of adjustment.
So I understand to an extent.
So let me be the bigger man and start first.

I’m sorry I didn’t turn out to be the ‘strong and independent woman’ that you all wanted.
But I did grow up to be a strong and independent man.
Who know who he is and stays true to himself.
A gentlemen, a free thinker and adventure.
So that’s gotta count for something right?

I’m sorry you’ll never get to walk me down the isle.
But let’s be honest even if you never knew that I was Trans, did you really think you’d get me in dress?
Dad I’m sorry we won’t ever have that father daughter dance.
But if we are being honest.
Neither of us can dance.
So really I’m saving us both humiliation.

I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, maybe it was wrong to lead you on.
I guess maybe I did tease you, with the hope of cisgendered heterosexual conformity.

It’s sad you guys would rather have me living a lie an depressed.
Than living true to myself and happy.
But most of all I’m sorry that you’ll can’t see that this road I am 'choosing’ is really the only one for me.
-Levi Alex

what i’m saying is len has a background very much rooted into him being abused. it’s undeniably a large part of his character in this universe, and has never been a discrete storyline. len’s character is in overcoming that and being better than that. they had the audacity to trample all over it. the fact that they did this to a queer-coded man of color, specifically a black man, is shameful. making len follow patterns of abusive behavior is really really low and outright disrespectful, i don’t know or really care what the intention is there, that’s what it is. especially when we know it’s possible not to write it like that. i really don’t know how this got passed around to multiple people and they all decided that was okay.

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dan mentioned frank ocean being his fav and he started talking about chanel and i got so so so excited but then he said "it's about sex and money" and completely overlooked the bisexuality theme and it made me feel weirdly sad. frank ocean did not struggle with his sexuality as a black rapper for dan to say "it's beautiful and poetic but has the same themes as every trashy song" like what the fuck.

ahhhhh i’m sorry his assessment of it made you feel so negative :( i have to admit that i interpreted his review of the song a bit differently from you! i thought dan was basically saying that franks lyrics are superficially about opulence and wealth and the sort of hypermasculine grandiosity that hiphop always celebrates but that the lyrics are actually incredibly complex and poetic and deeper than what that superficial assessment would suggest. which is true. frank writes the song to basically talk about how these masculine tropes don’t fit him at all and that they’re actually toxic and consuming. he mentions his lover having a feminine appearance but that he feels he needs to show his masculinity through aggression and fighting. he basically makes fun of rich and famous people throughout the song. but it’s easy to miss if you’re just casually listening.

i too wish that dan had straight up said exactly why frank is so critical of masculinity and *why* the motif of duality is so present in his music … but i also get why he didn’t. this song is one of franks most explicit in terms of addressing a male love interest (i mean it literally has a line that’s like “good dick could roll the eyes back in the skull”) and i just think dans not in a place where he would outright say “i love frank bc he talks poetically about gender roles and bisexuality” bc,,, naturally everyone would use that to pigeonhole exactly why dan loves and relates to frank’s music so much and, more fuckin importantly to me at least, much like moonlight–it runs the risk of this fan base completely overlooking the value of a man of color discussing his queerness in favor of thinking about *dan* relating to that queerness. i feel like the way dan talks about franks music is to protect himself but also to respect that franks music is so much bigger than he is and deserves to be listened to and evaluated completely on its own merits, for its own radicalism and beauty. so although i would love to hear dan go deeper with his reviews, bc i like dan and enjoy hearing his thoughts, i’m also happy he lets the music speak for itself and doesn’t run the risk of his reaction overshadowing everything that makes frank so courageous, artistic, and beautiful.

Despite the administrations protest–Thursday night I was crowned my school’s Prom King at senior prom.  As a Latino Transgender man I felt like this stride meant everything to me after how long it took me to get to this point.
I did this for Blake Brockington. I hope he is always remebered, and he motivated me to do this.  He will always be a king, he inspired me. Every transgender kid’s life matters and is valid. I am so proud of my senior class, and hope to see so many transgender boys and girls get crowns. Let’s make crowns more common than coffins.

oh shit whaddup i got a book rec y'all!!!

so if ur like me then u don’t read as much as u used to bc ur pretty tired of reading the same old white cishet romance/love triangles bs, right??

boy howdy do i have a book for you.

the long way to a small angry planet by becky chambers is my favorite book rn and let me tell you why:

  • sci-fi written by a lady
  • space adventure/space opera
  • ALIENS, esp non-humanoid aliens (thank u god)
  • of the main cast, i think there’s 1 or 2 white ppl?
  • differently abled bodies! one of the main characters is a little person
  • the character who is most frequently in the main POV is a queer black woman
  • the captain of the ship is a man of color (they describe his skin tone as brown but don’t elaborate further that i remember)
  • one of the aliens uses THEY/THEM PRONOUNS – it’s not in an nb way, but when the main character is unsure how to refer to them, she uses ‘xie’ pronouns until she is told the correct ones
  • one of the aliens, when he introduces himself, says “my name is ___ and i am currently male” (his species changes gender over time, idk i just thought this was so cool)
  • “female coded” aliens who are seen as attractive without hair or breasts!!

and this doesn’t even go into the world building and wonderful character interaction and beautiful relationships….ugh i could honestly go on forever…and i don’t want to spoil anything but there is an f/f CANON SHIP and it’s healthy and falskdfjakl

seriously if you’re looking for good queer lit check it out!! a stand alone sequel is coming out this month too ahhhh <3

have a good day y'all

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I've seen a lot of pressure on tumblr for writers to include colored people in their works. But I find it a burden, because I have no idea how to write them! I also don't see anywhere they could fit in, my books are about sophisticated people, usually rich, intellects and royalty. And I don't think it would market very well because readers don't care about the ghetto life :/

Is…is this a joke?

I’ve answered a question similar to this before, but I’m going to break down your message and go all out because people still aren’t getting it:

“include colored people”

It’s 2014. Why are people still using “colored”? If you’re not black, do not use this word. It has a negative and derogatory history. The preferred and inclusive term is POC, which stands for “person of color”. Common related terms are WOC: woman of color, MOC: man of color, QPOC/QWOC: queer person/woman of color, and COC: character of color.

“But I find it a burden, because I have no idea how to write them!”

Writing a character with a skin tone other than yours is not some big mystery or a chore. You are writing a character. Just like any other character, they should have a personality, a background, likes, dislikes, development, faults, and a part in the story. However, you still need to research characters of color in fiction for various reasons. Go through the “characters of color” tag on my tags page to educate yourself and do some of your own research.

my books are about sophisticated people, usually rich, intellects and royalty.

A person’s intelligence is not defined by race. However, in a racist society, a person’s race or culture may affect their access to education and it may affect how educators see them or treat them. The Ann Arbor decision is an example.

Sophisticated people are knowledgeable and experienced. What makes a person sophisticated varies by culture. They are often stylish, refined, organized, confident, and have manners. Anyone can be sophisticated.

People can acquire wealth in many ways. It could come from luck (the lottery, oil on their property, etc.), their career or business, or inheritance. While race can, unfortunately, affect a person’s chances of getting a job and their pay, wealth is not exclusive to white people. I don’t know where you would get an idea like that.

Royalty is worldwide. There have been kings, queens, princes, princesses, noble people, emperors and empresses, and other rulers found everywhere. If you’re thinking about European royalty in the past, POC have married into European royal and noble families.

And I don’t think it would market very well because readers don’t care about the ghetto life :/

I really don’t have anything to say other than the obvious “not all black people live in a US ghetto” when it comes to that assumption.

There is an audience for stories that talk about life among communities that would be considered a “ghetto”, but you are not the person to write it. That much is obvious from your message. People come from different backgrounds and that background can be anything in fiction, especially in fantasy and sci-fi.

Readers want to read good stories and good characters,but they also want to see people like themselves in stories because representation matters:

This doesn’t end with race. Maybe if I had seen a male bisexual or gay character who was not portrayed as being murdered or hurt because of his sexuality, who was not used as a punchline, who was not a stereotype that I felt I had to live up to, and who was not subject to other forms of homophobia, biphobia, and bi erasure, then maybe I wouldn’t have spent five years freaking out about being bisexual and maybe I wouldn’t (to this day) be afraid of bringing up the subjects of bisexuality and representation (outside of the internet) due to not knowing how other people around me might react. I can’t even talk about it with my parents or any straight people I know.

Straight people are either afraid of writing queer people because they don’t want to mess up or they don’t want to write queer people out of spite, hatred, or ignorance. Queer people are afraid of writing about their experiences because of the discrimination they face and because they haven’t seen themselves in mainstream media and therefore believe that it is not “marketable”. This cycle continues until someone steps up and challenges this system. The same thing happens with race. When this cycle is broken, the people who are receiving this media can be inspired, can have higher self esteem, and can be more confident in who they are. This doesn’t mean this cycle is completely broken. It’s far from being completely broken.

Now, when you say:

I’ve seen a lot of pressure on tumblr for writers to include colored people in their works. But I find it a burden, because I have no idea how to write them! I also don’t see anywhere they could fit in, my books are about sophisticated people, usually rich, intellects and royalty. And I don’t think it would market very well because readers don’t care about the ghetto life :/

you are saying:

“I see these people as inferior, whiny, and not worthy of representation because they have not proven their humanity to me, because they are so different that I cannot possibly relate to them, and because their feelings of anger, fear, and other negative emotions as a result of bad representation, or lack thereof, make me feel guilty.”

*I’d like to add more to this previous post of mine because you mentioned the same thing as the anon in that post and because I forgot to add this bad analogy to the other post:

Let’s say you’re in math class and you just cannot understand what is going on. You get frustrated, you give up, and you fail. But, let’s say you go in for extra help and your teacher helps you see it a different way. Your teacher may be angry about this, maybe because they’ve explained it so many times and students aren’t getting it or maybe because they’re tired, but you can go elsewhere for help too. You can go to a previous teacher, you can look it up online, you can look in your book, you can ask a friend, or you can see a tutor.

Suddenly you understand it. You may be excited to do it because you now know what to do, where you went wrong before, and what not to do. Then you see your classmate having trouble as well and you decide to help them. They end up understanding it and the great pressure to pass the class will be lifted because you understand what you are doing. And even if you make a few mistakes at first, there will be overall improvement and your teacher will be more willing to help you fix those tiny mistakes. Later, when half the class fails the test and your teacher sits down in disappointment, you know that your teacher is not mad at you specifically because you passed the test. Maybe after that you’ll start a study group to help other people, which will raise your grades while also relieving your teacher of frustration and making the class more enjoyable for everyone.

The same effect applies to writing misrepresented and underrepresented groups. If you understand the problematic portrayals, the stereotypes, the effects of bad representation, and what not to do, you will know how to write these characters and you will want to write these characters. You will show other people that they can do the same. You won’t be under this pressure because you took the steps to lift it.


In a commercial for Google Calendar’s new Goals feature, a queer man of color finds himself (and maybe new love) after breaking up with his boyfriend. It’s short, it’s funny, and it’s a touch of representation! 

“The 100 is becoming unwatchable”

Read full article HERE

“At this point The 100 is unwatchable. They’ve killed off a queer woman and a man of color and villainized all the powerful men of color. They’ve played the sexual assault of a male character as an amusing beat and piled garbage heaps of suffering on everyone, creating a suffocatingly hopeless atmosphere. The show is nothing but misery porn, attempting to showcase “shocking” moments of brutality as it chases critical acclaim for being willing to Go There. It’s dark for darkness’ sake with no overarching redeeming value. It’s not even successfully exploring its previous quandaries about the morality of survival as a primary goal or value, instead simply resorting to stark images of senseless murder in order to fulfill some kind of grimdark quota.

Some people may be able to watch a show where people simply endure suffering for an hour, but I can’t. Life is hard enough. The 100 at least used to have its characters grope towards the concept that “life should be about more than just surviving.” But now it doesn’t even have that. Everyone is in pain, happiness is fleeting at best, and goodness only comes with the most extreme costs, if it comes at all. No thanks.”