queer latinidad



A short video about an individual’s experiences with queerness, gender identity/expression, sexuality, and their body.

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Btw what are some good Chicanx, latinx's authors or books to read ?!

so many…
always running - luis j. rodriguez
it calls you back - luis j. rodriguez
ciento - lorna dee cervantes
massacre of the dreamers:essays on xicanisma - ana castillo
the concrete river (poems) - luis j rodriguez
the devils high way - luis alberto urrea
emplumada (pitt poetry series) - lorna dee cervantes
hearts and hands: creating community in violent times - luis j. rodriguez
my wicked wicked ways - sandra cisneros
woman hollering creek - sandra cisneros
loose woman - sandra cisneros
the house on mango street - sandra cisneros
carmelo - sandra cisneros
mexican ballads, chicano poems - josé e. limón
the moths and other stories - helena maría viramontes chicano poetry (a response to chaos) - bruce nova in spirit of a new people: the cultural politics of the chicano movement - randy j. ontiveros queer latinidad: identity practices, discursive spaces - juana maría rodriguez susana (la mujer latino series) - irene i. blea (if you’re interested in reading on the the old time cultures of new mexico and the lives of young woman and how they were married off at a young age, you’ll be happy to read this book)

these are all books i’ve read, i can’t remember any other names

This is not a story about love,

This is a story of anger and frustration,
euphoria and ecstasy.
its about us
owning the night,
sharing our presence with the moon and all its light;
becoming familiar with its many phases
as we went back and forth 
Sometimes full sometimes empty
sometimes all but never none

We gave each other what little we had
of ourselves
and hoped it was enough to last us through the night.
Like knots we became tangled,
struggling to become undone,
as the stubborn dents we left in each other,
marked what we could not erase.

We could not stop;
continued without ever knowing what we wanted -
other than each other in that very second.
We transcended borders,
boundaries, lines.
unraveled concepts of love,
revealing the inevitable cycle between chaos and creation
through every encounter

Like a mountain,
We formed through the opening of the earth
accompanied by the destruction of all we knew as stable.
Like a volcano, we erupted
burning everything down in our path,
embracing the newly formed rocks our lava created
but never calling them home.
Like the wind we are free but
unstable, unreliable, ungrounded.
We a hurricane; we a tornado;
we a soft breeze,
caressing each other as we pass on by
as nothing more than acquaintances sometimes.

This is not your ordinary narrative of friends and lovers
Friends first, always lovers;
In between and all around, 
We explored each other and ourselves at the same time.
Behind closed doors,
four walls witness in silence
the ways in which we became an ocean and dove in.
Cleansing our minds. celebrating our bodies.
tasting the waters that retained the remnants of past lovers
exchanging stories. experiences of gains and losses,
life and death, joy and grief

We knew of love without having known
tended each others wounds without intending
we came and became
without ever speaking ourselves into existence


“This breaking down of categories, questioning definitions and giving them new meaning, moving through spaces of understanding and dissension, working through the critical practice of "refusing explanation” is precisely what queerness entails. ‘Queer’ is not simply an umbrella term that encompasses lesbians, bisexuals, gay men, two-spirted people, and transsexuals; it is a challenge to constructions of heteronormativity.“
—  Juana María Rodríquez, Queer Latinidad