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This street art in Belfast made me insanely happy that it has survived almost a year without being tagged over (it was by the same people that tagged “love your queer kids” aka my Tumblr header) I took my Tumblr header photograph at Last Year’s Belfast Pride and yesterday I walked around Belfast, with @geography-the-jack-of-all-trades and found all of this… It’s survived a year and it made my heart so so happy… I cannot wait for this year’s Pride.

Bring the noise. And bring the paint.
Queers Revolt.


✨I felt so cute today idgaf😍✨


Tonight I will be speaking at the 2017 @glaad Gala in San Francisco. I am honored to share my story alongside activists Kat Blaque, Laila Ireland, Zeke Thomas, Prince Shakur, Riley J. Dennis, and more. #ThisIsMyStory

Hihi I’m Chloe, I need attention & affection 🤷🏻‍♀️ also I need new people to talk to!

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