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re queerbaiting: i personally suspect fuller doesn't want to Confirm confirm hannibal and will because, despite well written as they are & how it makes sense in the context of the show, two cannibalistic serial killers who have tried to kill each other multiple times is not what you would call Good Gay Represention (TM) especially when you take the whole "Depraved Homosexual/Bisexual" trope into play. there's just some Unfortunate Implications at play that may be making him reluctant

I wouldn’t claim to have any special insight into Bryan’s thought processes beyond his public statements. But that’s certainly one possibility. Which: Fair enough! I would never argue that Hannibal’s characters are Good Queer Representation, and I’m not sure there are many people who would.

I long for enough queer characters of all sorts in my media that Good Representation as a goal can give way to Complex Multifaceted Interesting Representation.

I want queer heroes, queer villains, queer sidekicks, queer background characters, queer bosses and coworkers and roommates and friends and.. Everyone, really. My ideal TV landscape is basically Everyone Is Queer Except Maybe A Token Straight Character For Wacky Jokes, and in that landscape there is room for all sorts of portrayals of queer relationships, healthy and…less so.

The Superpower of In/Visibility: A research project

Sometimes the superpower of invisibility isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Are you a queer fan of comic books and superheroes? Do you sometimes wish we were just a little more visible? Are you 19 years old or older? Then you may want to participate in research that’s happening in Gender Studies at the University of Victoria on queer fans and representation!

Take this survey: http://uvic.fluidsurveys.com/surveys/kthwaite/the-superpower-of-in-visibility/ and voice your thoughts on what it means to be here and queer. The length of the survey should not exceed 30 minutes and will help contribute to a growing body of knowledge of how important it is to be visible.
Join us to keep the power of invisibility for heroics!

[**In order to protect your anonymity, please do not respond publicly to this post but proceed directly to the survey site**]

Also, PLEASE REBLOG! Let’s try to get as many participants as we can!


I wanted to highlight some of Marvel’s queer heroines- Xi'an Coy Manh (Karma), Raven Darkholme (Mystique), Heather Douglas (Moondragon), Julie Power (Lightspeed), Elizabeth Braddock (Psylocke) and Mariko Yashida (Sunfire).

Xi'an Coy Manh (with Kitty Pryde)

Xi'an’s feelings for Kitty are (apparently) unrequited, but they have a very sweet friendship, and it looks like Xi'an hasn’t been in any relationships so far.

Raven Darkholme (with Irene Adler)

Rogue’s mothers. Their relationship remained subtext for a long time, and unfortunately, Irene is dead now. But it was a powerful, long romance that shaped both women.

Heather Douglas (with Phyla-Vell)

Heather has been in relationships before, but always for a purpose; not for personal fulfilment. Phyla was the first person to make her truly happy. Phyla died as well, but Heather’s had visions of her being alive, so who knows?

Julie Power (with Karolina Dean)

Julie has been a super hero since she was ten years old. (Her age now is nebulous, because comics.) She met Karolina fairly recently; their relationship is new, and there’s no telling what path it will take. So far, it’s pretty adorable. 

Betsy Braddock (with Cluster)

Betsy joined the X-Men years ago, but only recently has she shown interest in women. It’s, um, complicated, but she and Cluster had distinct feelings for each other before the three Fantomexes decided to rejoin. Hopefully she won’t be the last woman in Betsy’s life.

Mariko Yashida (with Mary Jane Watson)

Mariko was the Sunfire of Earth-2109 before she joined the Exiles, a band of misfits chosen to travel the multiverse and fix what went wrong. On Earth-8545, she met MJ Watson, aka Spider-Woman, and they fell in love. When Mariko was killed, the team brought her back to that world to lay her to rest.


Bloodbound Wins the Brilliant Moon Award

Here’s a fantastically flattering review from Darkest Goth that I keep neglecting to post! Not only did editor JT Hanke give my novel, Pathfinder Tales: Bloodbound, a SUPER NICE review, but he also awarded it the site’s appropriately ominous Brilliant Moon award! 

A few particularly nice quotes…

“The interpersonal dynamics between the socially-insensitive dhampir investigator, Larsa, and the empathetic Gothic priestess, Jadain, are very positively reflective of those between Sherlock Holmes and Watson, while still having many unique nuances beyond the lack of a “Y” in the protagonists’ chromosomes.”

“Schneider explores the complexities of faith vs. religion, outcast vs. acceptance, and assumption vs. friendship in the role of his two protagonists.  It’s not hard to see parallels between how different groups in our world tend to write off or demonize those who are different or are seen as anomalies.  Undoubtedly, we’ve all been hurt by this type of behavior and judgementalism .. but I really loved that Schneider explored this in a very human, “walk a mile in one anothers’ shoes” sort of way.” 

“Although Schneider has had a major part to play in the writing and editing of the Pathfinder RPG series, this is his first solo novel.  It would be a great book by an experienced novelist, but it’s even more incredible for a debut effort.  I can’t wait to see what his next book is!”  

Many, many thanks to Darkest Goth for the review and all the kind words!

If you haven’t already checked out Bloodbound, you still can! Nab it on Amazon or as an audiobook on Audible

And thanks to all the folks who have written such kind words and enthusiastic reviews. I really, really appreciate it!


If I see one more storyline about queer children being bullied or driven to suicide, I think I'll scream.

I’m fucking tired of it. Most of the stories about queer people I’ve seen have been this. Entertainment is for escapism, it’s pretty damn hard to escape when every time there’s a character like you, harassment and death and pain aren’t far away.
And it’s so damn limiting. By only portraying us as victims, by focusing on our queerness, they are not allowing us to be explored as human beings. We can be the focus of any kind of story, have any set of personality traits. Yet we’re tuck in the same old story, with the same stereotypical characters.
We can be the heroes of any story. Why can’t we have stories about queer kids with powers who kick ass? Or find magical boyfriends/girlfriends etc? Or are at least part of some cute romcom?

*disclaimer: not that I think every work of fiction should be set in a bigotry free world. Dealing with oppression is a very formative part of most of our lives and to take away that element would be reductive. Just don’t make it the focus*

an email i wrote to leslie feinberg about a year ago.

dear leslie,

i am saddened to hear of the pain you are currently going through,
and inspired to hear that you are still fighting. 
your spirit has been an inspiration to so many. 
i met you once,
at a terrible time in my life,
and i was wearing a shirt that said, “i dreamed i was revolutionary”
i saw your eyes light up at the word “revolutionary”
i will never forget it.
you are a true fighter, 
a true revolutionary, to the center of your aching bones.
the world has been much improved by your visit. 

Rest in power leslie. I will be burning a white candle for you tonight.

Kate McKinnon’s 10 Gayest ‘Ghostbusters’ Gay Moments of Gay

By Kayla and Audrey

Ghostbusters is super gay. Well, it’s subtextually super gay, because Hollywood remains resistant to the mere notion of a queer summer blockbuster. But at least Kate McKinnon is here and queer and ready to destroy us with her sex appeal that reaches near-paranormal levels of intensity in the movie. Real Life Queer McKinnon stars as the gunslinging—and gun-licking—engineer Jillian Holtzmann, whose queerness cannot be confirmed nor denied by Paul Feig thanks to studio bullshit, but it’s pretty obvious throughout the film that Holtzmann is the queer action hero we all deserve.

Here are the 10 gayest things McKinnon does inGhostbusters that had us melting in our seats.

1. Is incredibly sexy while appealing Not At All to the male gaze

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