queer gang

anyone wanna start a girl gang where we punch nazis and do other highly secret activities? if it makes any difference, we all get code names. 

  • Me: "hey can I show you something?"
  • You: "is it another collection of Voltron screenshots with the same color palate as the bi pride flag?"
  • Me, hiding an enormous 3-ring binder behind my back: "..........no"

Chelsey: *makes comic showing 3 pairs of LGBT couples* You know, this doesn’t seem gay enough

C: *makes a gang of queer and gender queer characters*

C: Gayer.

C: *makes all characters in two gangs queer*





C: *lesbian birds*

The temptation to put the main character of my novel in a relationship with her female best friend is SO STRONG but I literally know that if I do that then I’ll make these two other characters gay for each other and I already have an established lesbian couple within the main six and it’s like they can’t all be gay but I really want them to be ajbdjsbsidbdjndj

sheakspaere  asked:

do you have any headcanons for the characters sexuality?? i know we just assume they are all str8, but i'm not rly sure about fez and donna and even kelso and would like to read your opinion on that.

I have talked a lot about this, actually. Althought, almost no one shares my opinions. Here’s the summary of it all, lol:

- I headcanon Donna as curious about her sexuality and not sure of what she is experiencing. Because she’s a tomb boy in the 70s, when sexuality started to be truly talked about and people was tired of hiding, she may be a little bit shy about it when she was younger. Especially surrounded by boys that constantly sexualized her, even when she started to date Eric.

She may be bi. In my stories, I never truly develop this as furter to it, but she’s open to the possibility of it happening. And with it I mean falling for a girl, not just lusting after one. So, ultimately, I think she could be bi or pan.

- My older followers know I headcanon Jackie as demisexual, that is sexual attraction born from a connection with someone. No, it’s not “needing” a connection to have sex, but to feel attracted sexually to the person. I talked in depth about it here. And I also have a tag for demi!Jackie here, since I have a lot of upcoming posts in the queue about this.

- Eric, even when my closest friends don’t share this idea with me, is bisexual to me. Probably forever in the closet because of his education. I know we all love how amazing parents Red and Kitty are, but we have to also be realistic. Eric IS afraid of his parents (mostly of Red, and of disappoining both, especially Kitty), and he may find it difficult to speak out and say he is also attracted to boys and he may date one one day.

Ultimatelly, though, in an scenario where Eric is able to get over most his insecurities, especially the ones born from Red’s high specations, I think he would tell them and they would be, eventually, able to accept it and his son’s couple in case he is dating a boy.

- Fez comes to me as pansexual. I have an upcoming post talking about this on queue where I put examples of times when he has come across as such to me, and also some headcanons. I also have a LGBT Fez tag here.

- Another character I have an LGBT tag for is Kelso, althought I must be honest and said I don’t usually heacanon him as part of the community. Gender, though, that’s another thing. He may break the code, to be honest. Yet, I still feel he would identify as male and has a high preference for women.

Now, sexuality… like Fez, maybe pan. Or even bi. But he seems more like in the pam spectrum to me.

- Hyde is the one I actually think is straight. There’s nothing in the show that made me think otherwise. And at the beginning, this is something no one new until now, I was actually watching with all the intention in the world to ship Hyde/Eric because one of my best friends in the world ships them, lol.

Maybe that’s why I headcanon Hyde as straight, in part because I was looking a lot into it and couldn’t find anything, while Fez and Donna took my attention, and then Eric did even more.

In fact, I think the one I headcanon the most as part of the LGBT community, is Eric. Probably because I actually do ship Eric/Buddy, lol.

What are your headcanons?