queer folk punk

Spell to be Heard

Grab a lipstick, chapstick, or anything you prefer. Write a pentacle on a surface, place the lip item in the center.  I chose to embellish mine with crystals and items that called to me, but they are not necessary. Once you place the lip item in the center, say these words.

“My words are power

I am Heard

I am valid”

May it be!

Use this spell on any of your lip items! Use it for poetry, work meetings, voicing your needs. Enjoy!

  • TransCending
  • Lil Lavedy
  • Demo '16

“I’m more then trans gender I’m transending.”
Lil Lavedy is a transgender femcee out of Las Vegas, Nv.

Raw and rage filled folk music that deals explicitly with being trans and the struggles of existing as such in our society with full throated screams worthy of early Laura Jane Grace. Her melodies are strong and catchy and the lyrics are wonderfully straightforward, and memorable. She/Her/Hers music is really powerful and affirming and I’m really glad this artist just arrived in Portland! 


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4_nIl3uvPk)


Sick of Sour Candy - I Kill Cameron

I’m gonna pray to you
And you’re gonna drink
You’re gonna drink to me
We make such a lovely team
Being so being so unhappy
My lips are chapped and bloody and they just want to meet yours
I know it’s not romantic but I’ve felt this way before
And that’s terrifying.
So I’m gonna sing to you
And you’re gonna fall
You’re gonna fall for me
Then I’m gonna run from you
And you’re gonna follow me
Cause every love I’ve ever had I found in a sour patch
They’re sweet they’re sour then they’re gone
It’s never gonna last
And that’s so depressing


I wish I could have the confidence of this girl.  I’m so worried about whether or not I will be able to pass, and she is singing about being visibly trans for the rest of her life and being proud of it.  One of the reasons I avoided transitioning was because I was afraid I would still look like a man.  There was a point where I thought I would only transition if I could be conventionally attractive.  It is an unfortunate truth of our society that attractive people are treated better.  I’ve come to realize that being attractive will not change who I am.  I don’t need to worry about other people finding me attractive, loving myself is so much more important.  I’m not going to change myself to fit societal standards.  Like Emma says, I don’t want to try to fit into a box that is even smaller.  I am a woman, but I am not very feminine.  People will probably try to use this fact against me to “prove” that I am not a real woman.  The whole reason I am transitioning is to stop wearing a mask, so why should I just trade it for a slightly better one.  I’ve realized that passing doesn’t matter.  All that matters is that I am happy with who I am.