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MOONLIGHT (2016) directed by BARRY JENKINS

Is such an important win. When was the last time you saw the celebration of Love between two Black men in the mainstream? Never! This opens so much doors. I can’t help but think of the many other Black and Queer filmmakers who tried to show Black Same gender Love but could only do so from the outskirts. This changes everything. 

Hey, LGBTQ+ kids. .

As practice for camerawork, film making, etc, I’d like to make a short video based around the experiences of LGBT youth, and I’d really like to include some real stories in it.

The base idea is that it’ll be an interview-like format, using some friends to ‘act’ (or, more specifically, be the ones telling these stories). I don’t know an awful lot of other people in the LGBT community irl, and I really want to involve experiences that people have had from all different lifestyles.

So what I’m asking is pretty much this:

If you’d be willing to let me ask you some questions about your experiences as a person who identifies as somewhere on the LGBTQ spectrums, please send me a message! Once I’ve had a couple of people respond, I’ll start asking the questions and things (and if you have any details that you want to clarify, just let me know!).

I’d also really like to emphasise that nobody will be outed without their consent. It’s hugely important to me that none of the things you tell me about your experiences will not attributed to you unless this is something you’re comfortable with, and if there are enough responses to this, a lot of them will probably be mashed together to cover a range of things in the video so nothing is specific to one single person. You’re also free to back out any time if you ask!

If you’re not somebody who’s interested in this, a reblog to help get this as out there would be hugely appreciated! Any response would be massively helpful, as this is an area I’d really like to make some sort of video on! Thankyou!

On a side note: on the off-chance that anybody happens to live in West Sussex and feels like helping with acting, hmu as well!

TLDR; Making a short video on LGBT+ experiences. Send a message if you think you could help!

Moxie! What is it?

It’s a film about this disgruntled police officer,

Who moves in with this computer technician,

And they get along okay…

Some drama, angst, and general shit happens (I shan’t spoil), but I promise they will get their happy ending.

Inspired by the queerbaiting shitshow that was Sherlock season 4, Moxie delivers the gay and it delivers it with passive aggressive tea symbolism and explicitly queer characters. Suck it, Mofftiss.

This is a project being made by a member of the Sherlock fandom and TJLC community, aka me: The @unrelentinghost of @thesherlockexperiment podcast.

This is a bit different from other fanwork, since it’s technically my own intellectual property, but like I said: It’s very Sherlock inspired. So we’re talking a detective and her blogger computer technician, just mates sharing a flat for convenience, confused sexual and romantic tension, obnoxious but entertaining villain, awesome fisticuffs, a damsel in distress trope… Need I say more?

As a TJLCer, I was compelled to chuck in a lot of visual symbolism and codes for my fellows to analyze as they please. It all points to gaytown, of course, but you knew that already since I’ve promised to do what the Beebs couldn’t (or wouldn’t).

Follow @moxieshortfilm for updates on the project if you’re interested. The film is coming out in late June.

And if you are actually interested, consider reblogging :)

Thanks for reading. Here’s a treat.

Living with Pride: Ruth C. Ellis @ 100

The Yvonne Welbon documentary centers on centenarian Ruth C. Ellis, once widely recognized as the oldest surviving open lesbian. Ellis first came out in 1915, a whopping 54 years before the Stonewall Riots ignited the nationwide gay rights movement.


We just released our first new short film HOMECOMING about two girls and their feelings for one another. LGBTQ content is something I have been wanting to push and promote for a long time now so I would really appreciate if people reblogged this post!


…to vote Carol Support Group for the audience award at Frameline Film Festival. Text S612 to 55333. Polls close 5pm PST♥️☎️♥️

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It’s here it’s here it’s here!!!! Out of the closet and into our hearts, Gay Mean Girls is now live. Share with your friends, your exes, and everyone who’s afraid of you.

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we are sooooooo super excited!!!!!!! omg

There are bits and pieces of all my life on the screen, and that’s the only way to make a movie like the type of films that I make. Queer filmmaking has moved away from that, maybe it’s moving back to it a little bit with younger folks, and especially with trans identities, queer trans identities, we’re starting to see a freshness. We’re starting to see the secret club that you want to be a part of.
Cheryl Dunye


Skye has always considered herself straight… until… Alex.

reasons why you should watch it:
1) bisexual lead character
2) adorable girls
3) no lesbian deaths
4) wlw
5) …did i mention cute girls? yeah. cute girls.