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Being Genderfluid and What I've Learned From It (Through Experience):

I was born female, but from a very young age, never felt I fit the “girl” label. In 3rd grade, I would always say how I wished I was a boy. It never sunk in until I was 14, when I was so confused about my gender that I wanted a flat chest and to chop all of my hair off.

It was around that time I did research of genderfluidity and came out to friends and family.

This is what I have learned:

• it feels so good to come out and accept yourself

• not many will not refer to you as your preferred pronoun(s), no matter how often you may remind someone, even family (please appreciate those who do).

• you may not be taken seriously as a person.

• as manly as you feel, you still have a bloody crotch every month and it makes you feel like a helpless little baby.

• people won’t believe your gender is real.

• people will gender label every possible item known to man, just to poke fun and tease you.

• you will question what is appropriate to wear with the gender you are feeling. this is normal

• you may feel more like a boy some days and more like a girl other days. this is also normal, everyone is different, and that’s beautiful.

• when you call a guy “bro/dude/man” he’ll say “ha I can’t call you _____, you’re a GIRL.” Fuck you.

• your family may refuse to accept your choices and may not respect you because of them (THIS DOES NOT MAKE YOU WRONG FOR BEING WHO YOU ARE!! THEY ARE WRONG, NOT YOU!!!)

• sex ed classes do not go over all genders or sexualities, so you are left feeling confused, lost, and alone.

• in this time of feeling confused, lost, and alone, dark thoughts may consume you. you may feel disgusted in yourself, and not even believe that what your feeling is real. as horrible as it is to say, this is true. please do not hide your feelings, talk to someone that makes you feel comfortable

• when people ask if you “want a penis now or something” you wonder about yourself and feel genuine anxiety. (questions like this can be extremely rude, personal, and are NOT appreciated)

• it can be hard to talk to friends about it, because some do not understand, and will even make it seem like a joke.

• it is NOT a joke we are SERIOUS!!


• Please feel free to add to this list I may have forgotten some things. this does not only apply to being genderfluid.

Frog Legs: A Mini Book of Poetry is now available! Frog Legs reflects on chronic illness, coming out, queerness, trans identity, sexuality, intimacy, family of origin issues, and more. [TW for strong language, descriptions of medical violence, family dysfunction, transphobia etc]
This is probably the most vulnerable writing I have done yet. Nervous, scared, grateful. <3
Poems include:
| A Dream
| Everyday
| Giants
| The Beach
| Frog Legs
| Of Blood and Clay (originally published in Wilde Magazine: LGBT Poetry and Prose)


Dear Cis People:

Non-binary people have existed as long as men and women. They’ve existed in indigenous cultures, they’ve existed secretly in your everyday life, and they will not stop existing just because you don’t think it’s real. The only reason the gender binary even exists is due to European colonization, which erased many Native cultures and imposed the idea that gender and sex are the same, and that there are only two genders. Non binary people are real, they have just been erased.

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T'Ain’t Nobody’s Bizness: Queer Blues Divas of the 1920s

T’Ain’t Nobody’s Bizness exposes the triply oppressed (black, female, queer) pioneers of blues through interviews with cultural historians, vintage photos, footage, and recordings, all narrated by Jewelle Gomez. With lavish costumes and sexually suggestive lyrics, bisexual and lesbian singers such as Ma Rainey (got arrested for indecency at an all-girl party—while married to a man) and Gladys Bentley (a “bulldagger” in full tuxedo) were regularly shunned by the church and society for their rough and tumble ways. Like Frameline Voices? Donate here: bit.ly/FramelineDonate

Robert Philipson 2011 29 min. USA

Founded in 1977, Frameline is the nation’s only nonprofit organization solely dedicated to the funding, exhibition, distribution and promotion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender media arts. Frameline Voices is a new digital initiative that showcases diverse LGBT stories and expands access to films by and about people of color, transgender people, youth, and elders.


The Problematic of going out with friends in a monoheteronormative world.

Hmmkay, I’m pretty sure this has happened to everyone before.

If you’re one of those people that starts enquiring if there’s something more going on between 2 friends just because one is a boy and the other one a girl, please stop. Not only is it annoying, but your assumptions perpetuate harmful ideas such as: 

1. Two people of different genders can’t get along unless there’s some second intentions behind it,

2. That everyone is straigh, duh! Two girls getting along will always be best pals and best pals only, why would anyone think otherwise?

3. In case 2 people are actually flirting and looking for something more than friendship -  and they have other partner(s) - remember lots of people have healthy and happy polyamory/open relationships.

Marriage equality in the US and I’m real happy for you and Imma let you finish, but let’s not forget that hetero- and cis-sexism still has people struggling to simply survive

(Not saying it’s not great, though. There are many benefits with marriage. And marriage equality is necessary and the people who fought for it deserve to be happy about it.)

There is a man with pamphlets talking about a God.
I ask him if God loves his Children.
He gives me a confident “Yes”
I ask him if God loves homosexuals.
He tells me “No”.
I ask him if homosexuals are God’s Children.
He said nothing.
I do not believe he has heard the Question.
—  BNV14 Finals - Atlanta “Public Trans”

Yo ravefromthegrave, I’m going to be real here. Probably never.

But I think it’d go a long way towards me understanding this if you would:

A) Tell me how you and other radfems actually plan to abolish gender.

B) Stop completely ignoring and erasing the experiences of trans* and genderqueer folk.

C) Tell me how identifying with a gender is bullshit but identifying with a sex (and that really is what’s going on) isn’t.

I really, really hope you do one or all of these things.