queer fanzine


the six and half season long story is over. five years later in the PLL universe, a new one will begin. the conversation about the first one, however, isn’t quite over. or, at least it shouldn’t be.

over the years I Marlene King has introduced us to many, many characters- this includes a slew of queer folks. while some shows may have just dangled these characters in a titillating way, King used them to further the plot. or did she? in this collaborate zine i want to explore what the fans/viewers think- about the relationship dynamics, representation, and the portrayal of queer villains. whether you are up to date with the most current season or not, I want to know what you have to say. however, this zine is ultimately being made in response to the reveal of A in the mid-season summer finale which premiered last week, so yes, that means SPOILERS. the anonymous character that plagued us for years has finally showed their face, but there are still questions that have gone unanswered. let’s have a critical discussion.

i would like to invite gay/bi/queer women, genderqueer/non-binary and trans folks to submit your comments/ideas/contributions to the discussion on the triumphs/failures/everything in between when it comes to PLL’s representation of, well, all of us.

PLL comes back to tv this winter. this gives us lots of time to rewatch (seasons 1-5 are all on netflix) and reflect. let’s aim to have all zine submissions in by DECEMBER 31, 2015. email alyssarorke@gmail.com w/ the subject PLL ZINE. kisses, bitches.