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Quick question to my cinematography nerds.

If you had been teasing the return of a character, focusing on them for the majority of the movie, for them to seem truly dead, then had the (male) secondary main character jump through ridiculous hoops through sheer force of will in order to be able to get to see him.

Would you go for their first true reveal of the movie, right at the end, where our secondary main walks into the room and sees him be: A) A head shot, their eyes widening in astonishment, B) A full body shot, C) A mysterious silhouette,

Or D) The naked thigh and borderline crotch shot.


at first I read the description of Dimension 404 and thought “ugh, another Black Mirror? who cares?”

then my partner convinced me to watch it, and LET ME TELL YOU

Dimension 404 is a CAMPY SCI FI MASTERPIECE narrated by Mark Hamill. it’s like, what if Black Mirror got their pop culture references and memes right? what if it was HOPEFUL AND INSPIRING 

it has multiple storylines about LGBT+ people! this far two episodes have LGBT+ main characters! the episode “Polybius” (yeah, subtle reference) is entirely centered on a queer narrative, and in “Bob” Constance Wu (!!! <3) plays an army psychologist who’s trying to return home to her wife and daughter for the holiday season

it’s diverse both in gender and ethnicity (altho the main characters have been mostly white up until this point). the inventor of time travel? obviously a woman. the episode about a FPS pro-player? obviously a woman as well. the casting is EXCELLENT, and they embrace and subvert archetypes and cliches in the best possible way

it’s just SO GOOD and SO INSPIRING and it embraces camp in such a perfect way. I cannot recommend it enough

plantbucky-deactivated20160420  asked:

[NYOOMS TO YOUR ASKBOX] TRANSGENDER CHUBBY CARLOS being a lil nervous the first time he and cecil get handsy because he isn't entirely uncomfortable with all thats happenin' down there, but cecil just brushes it off and says "the last guy i dated had void genitals. do you know what a void genital is?" [stares into the distance] "i hope you never do..."


this is perfect tbh~<3