REASONS YOU SHOULD READ TITLE UNRELATED (and encourage your pals to read it too!)

- It’s a story about nonbinary characters written and drawn BY a nonbinary person!

- The art is good! The characters are well-developed! There’s conlang and believable fantasy wildlife!

- There’s a decent archive already (~300 pages) and you can trust that this comic isn’t going to get dropped or abandoned (seriously, as long as I’m alive I will find a way to finish it!)

- It’s a sci-fantasy adventure story about queer, nerdy characters. There’s very little focus on “coming out” type stuff. There’s a little bit of queer romance. There are characters with practically every orientation (including asexual, pansexual, poly, etc).

- There is seriously like ONE cishet dude in the main cast, and his role is mainly as a bodyguard/love interest. He almost never talks. XD

- FAMILY is a major theme. The story also touches on subjects like anxiety, relationships, interactions between different cultures, and the value of not being a jerk.

- Suitable for approximately ages 11+. There’s no nudity or sex, there IS some action violence, mild language, and occasional “dark” subject matter.

- It’s girl-friendly as HECK. You want fantasy stories that don’t objectify women? HERE YA GO!

- The more folks who read my comic the more support I can potentially get to continue making comics as a career! Like most artists I feel guilty begging for money, but if I could get to where I was making even a few hundred $$ a month from my Patreon + Book/merch sales, my life would be improved! My partner might be able to take lower-paying jobs and actually live with me if I could just make a decent income from my art! That’s probably the biggest reason why word-of-mouth is important! $1 a month from a bunch of readers would seriously make a difference! : )

Anyway, those are some of the reasons you should read my comic. Thanks for reading! ^_^

Ready to start reading? Go here:
Help Bring This Queer Science Fiction Comics Anthology To Life

Looking for comics that feature a wide variety of sexualities and genders? Want all-ages science fiction and fantasy stories where the characters are “unquestionably queer” and their gender and sexuality isn’t treated as an allegory? Then check out the crowdfunding campaign for the upcoming comics anthology Beyond.

And another feature/interview talking about the Beyond Anthology! This time thanks to io9!


Some of you might have noticed I dropped off the face of the earth for a while.  That’s because I was ploughing full steam ahead on this! 

TRANSMAJICKA is the story of Henrigne, a mage who was born a Warlock, but identifies as a Witch.  Owing to the rigid gender roles of their magical community, Henrigne must overcome many an obstacle and prejudice as they embark on a journey to find themself, accept themself and ultimately transition into the mage they are meant to be.  

This is a story (and character!) which is very dear to me for so many reasons.  It’s a very personal project as well, and I hope the self-exploration involved can help others like it did for me :)

The comic is 36 pages from cover to cover in luscious colour (I love my markers! ;_;).  Also included is some jaw-dropping gorgeous guest art by rainygay and cryptovolans!  

The comic is now available as a digital download in my store! Check it out by clicking any of the images or HERE!

Enjoy :)


Beyond - the queer sci-fi/fantasy comic anthology - is now LIVE on Kickstarter!

Featuring 18 stories from 26 creators, Beyond is a 250 page, black and white, queer comic anthology, full of swashbuckling space pirates, dragon slayers, monster royalty, and death-defying astronauts.  Each story celebrates and showcases unquestionably queer characters as they have adventures, mix magic, explore the galaxy, and save the day.  

The project is now funding! Help support the Beyond Anthology on Kickstarter!


Eth’s Skin is  a comic about a nonbinary fisher named Eth who accidentally steals a selkie’s seal skin and has to go on a journey in order to return it and make things right.  It’s an all-queer high fantasy story, filled with mermaids, magic, selkies, and sea monsters, set in and around the old growth forests along the coast of British Columbia. 

Eth’s Skin is written/drawn/toned/etc. by me, Sfé R. Monster, a Canadian trans, queer comic creator, and editor of Beyond, the queer sci-fi & fantasy comic anthology.   Inks are by Kory Bing.

Eth’s Skin is currently taking a break between chapters but it will start again soon! In the meantime, you can read the first two chapters online (for free) at

You can also help support Eth’s Skin on Patreon and receive early updates (and much more), and you can follow along for more progress updates from me (Sfé) on tumblr and twitter

And stick around for Eth’s Skin - chapter 3 starting soon!


The Dates Kickstarter is live!

Dates is an anthology of queer historical fiction. Over 30 creators have come together to create almost 30 comics, illustrations, and short prose stories about queer people living life throughout time and across the world. From Joseon Dynasty Korea to 1950s Russia, Dates is 170+ pages of LGBTQ+ characters finding affirmation and acceptance. We’re launching this Kickstarter to raise money to pay our artists and print Dates as a beautiful perfect-bound paperback book, complete with color comic covers and illustrations.

Dates is edited by Zora Gilbert and Cat Parra. The book is full of the work of amazing artists and writers: Monster Anthology’s DarkTarou, Robyn Hood’s Pat Shand and Roberta Ingranata, Millionfish, Effie Lee, Erica Chan, and so many more!

We can’t wait to share Dates with the world, and we hope you’re just as excited! You can show your support by heading over to the Kickstarter and preordering a book. While you’re there, you can also check out our full list of collaborators and see some previews of the book! Even if you can’t donate, a reblog or share means the world to us. Thank you so much!

People have been cool enough to recommend Q-Jo, and I would be remiss if I didn’t pose some similar recommendations:

What’s Normal Anyway?—A classic in trans comics; trans man coming-of-age story; includes French lesbians and a cat named Dr. Skateboard

Rooster Tails Autobio comic featuring a trans man living la vie bohème with his partner; strikes the perfect balance between cute and cathartic; Bert and Ernie in New Zealand 

Manic Pixie Nightmare Girls— A trans woman’s autobio comic; super snarky and clever; I am in love with the style!


Transgirl Next Door— Cute one-shots from a trans woman’s everyday life; wins the Consistently Coherent and Hilarious Despite Having a Multi-Day Update Schedule Award

Eth’s Skin—Mystical, mythical tale set in British Columbia. Non-binary characters and selkies. Sweet baby seals. Have you seriously not clicked this yet

Go Get A Roomie— (Occasionally NSFW; non-graphic sexytimes and boobs) Queer hippies in love; there is a bar and a Viking bartender with axes. Also cats

GQutie— Genderqueer shenanigans! (* quietly covets outfits and gradient skills*)

Girls With Slingshots— Talking cacti; queer ladies; positive portrayals of open relationships; disgruntled writer-type protagonist: A+

Also, Cucumber Quest just introduced a trans lady character and I am beyond excited to see where her legend is going.

Thanks for reading!



BEYOND is back, with a fresh take on two exciting new themes. 

Urban fantasy delves into the back alleys and street-light faery circles of modern magic, and post-apocalypse follows things to the ragged, rusty, overgrown edge of the world after the end of the earth.  As with the first volume of Beyond, the focus of these stories will be unquestionably queer characters and content.  We’re hoping to assemble another lineup of creators that will celebrate the width and breadth of gender and sexuality, threading queer identities through exciting stories and epic adventures! 

Beyond is a paid anthology looking to Kickstart in early 2017.

We’re excited for Beyond 2, but we can’t do it without you!   

Submissions are open NOW, and will remain open until April 4th, 2016.  

Please read our guidelines for submissions and check out our FAQ, and when you are ready, head to >>our Beyond2 submission form << to submit your pitch to Beyond!

Thank you for your time and support, and for helping us spread the word!

- Sfé & Taneka (editors)


Hey everyone, I figured everyone here would be interested in this new all-ages SUPER-GAY, SUPER-HERO anthology called Oath.

Oath is queer superhero comic anthology by queer creators, creating representation we deserve in a book everyone can read.

Also, one of my comics is in it!! EEEee, I’m so excited! :D

The book will be a black-and-white, 240+ page comic anthology, appropriate for any reader old enough to tackle standard superhero genre angst and action.

I encourage everyone to pitch in and support us through kickstarter! The kickstarter ends on September 16, 2015. If you want to read more about the project, check out Oath’s tumblr blog.


We’ve been teasing at it for months, and it’s finally time to show our hand.

Beyond  will be returning for a second edition.  This time we’re bringing you The Beyond Anthology:  Queer Urban Fantasy and Post-Apocalypse edition.

Explore the back alley faery circles of modern magic with urban fantasy, and then follow things to the ragged, rusty edge of the end of the earth with post-apocalypse, in another volume of unquestionably queer sci-fi and fantasy comics.  

Submissions will open soon. 

In the meantime: follow and beyondanthology on twitter for updates and to be first to know when accepting submissions goes live.

- Sfé & Taneka (editors)