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Okay listen, I am so excited for the fact that Cyrus is almost confirmed to be gay, for so many reasons. But the main reason is not because I ship Cyrus and Jonah or because I think it’s cute but because if Disney does this. If Disney let’s this happen, this will open so many doors. Who knows what’s next? Shows where all the characters are queer? Trans characters? Shows where characters have two moms or two dads? Like Cyrus being gay is a gateway to the future of Disney channel and I’m so ready for it

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hey i don't understand that post about morten rolling his eyes at henrik. is he the kind of Straightest-Straight in real life or...? what was that about?

i don’t understand who you’re talking about when you talk about the straightest-straight

henrik asking “you know i like gay people, right?” to a gay person is very cringey. it’s asking validation from your one gay friend (i know he has gay family members but you get what i mean).
it’s saying “a lot of people got upset at my agency saying i didn’t want to be typecast into queer characters and thought it was homophobic…but YOU know i’m not homophobic right? can you vouch for me?”.

like, asking morten in private if he thought what henrik/his agency said was problematic would have been ok. but this was in front of the cameras so i can’t help but feel it was to try and get exonerated in public…not genuinely ask a question.
it’s a bit like saying “i’m not racist because i have black friends”. yikes.

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I'm the DM for a party of mostly queer characters and we have two male dwarves, a Monk and a Fighter, and they're falling in love. Just last session the Monk got cornered by some Dire Roaches and the Fighter used his bonus action to carry the Monk away bridal-style and he said "I'll never let that happen again" Everyone else in the party (including me) is 100% Here For Our Dwarf Dads

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  • Tv show: alright! It wasn't easy, but here is a simple, sweet and well thought out lesbian couple for you! We even managed to get them in nearly every episode! It's a pretty cool OTP huh?
  • Me: *glances over at the two random, angsty, more-than-likely straight chicks who happen to give each other a kind look back in season 2 before disappearing from the main storyline of the show*
  • Me, pointing: I want that one.
Family movies & shows of 2017
  • Power Rangers: Ok, so we'll give you a gay character, but it'll only be talked about in one scene. This is a franchise for kids!
  • Disney: We'll make a minor character canonically gay, but making his queerness obvious enough in our family movie that children could figure it out? Nah.
  • Doctor Who: So, our new companion is queer and our first episode revolves around her (reciprocated) crush on another girl.

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