queer bloc


Omg this looks fun. We really need larger queer blocs at Pride marches here in Manila. :O

clemgxrm  asked:

that antifa pic isnt a political cartoon its an actual leftist who draws queer black bloc porn their blog is a trip but some of their shit is p cool

oh nice! it’s so over the top I assumed it was a political cartoon lmao!! I’m used to political cartoonists drawing what they think is a Horrifying Future and actually just drawing a chill hang

one of my favs ever was like, i forget what cartoonist was responsible but it was the elephant and donkey characters and it was showing two back yard barbeques, and the elephants were having this super sombre almost funeral-esque barbeque and the donkeys had this massive back yard with a stage and “free abortions” and alcohol and shit like that. and the point of the comic was meant to be you were supposed to look at the donkeys’ party and be like “look at this disgusting liberal debauchery” but it honestly came across as the opposite

i think the most frustrating thing about separatist politics is that they occupy this position of total ideological purity - i’m so Good that i refuse to even be friends with people who aren’t part of the right identity category - while at the same time totally refusing to actually participate in material political action. 

every good thing that’s been achieved for queers (yes, queers as a bloc, yes) has been achieved by collective struggle, mass struggle, intersectional struggle, struggle in coalition. separatist politics are cool, pure, go nowhere and do nothing. the day my organising started getting shit done was the day i got together with every other revolutionary i could find and we started seeing what we could do.