queer birthday

I finished my Valentines card for bae. Submit your valentines cards to me so I can check them out! Also happy birthday to my lovely son

I get all the chicks with my amazing crafting skills.. All of them Sorry not sorry.

Yesterday was my 21st birthday🎀🎁🎉

It was also my six month with this beautiful, adorable, incredible, wonderful girl👭👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

It was also my first time going out as Nova and my first birthday since coming out to myself👸🏽

Lemme tell ya:
Best 💕Day💕Of💕My💕Life💕

Happy Birthday to a cartoon that changed my life

Steven Universe has brought wonderful new friends into my life and has allowed me to connect with old friends near and far. I finally have a piece of media that celebrates queerness in many forms and gives me an outlet to express the many facets of my own queerness. Steven Universe inspires me to not only accept my body and my disabilities, but to embrace and celebrate them.

I can never thank the Crewniverse enough for creating a show that is boldly and unashamedly pushing the boundaries of representation and love. Thank you to the Crewniverse and every Steven fan I have met this year: I LOVE LOVE LOVE you all


#777: Nobody in Gravity Falls is straight except maybe for Preston Northwest.

Submitted by anon


“-You’ve ruined my kid’s life!
-What, no hello kiss?
-I meant it! I remember the first time I heard your name. Michael said “There’s this new boy in school, Brian Kinney.” For weeks that’s all he could talk about: “Brian Kinney this, and Brian Kinney that .” Next thing, you’re cutting classes. And then I come home from work one day and I find the two of you, and it was when I knew you were trouble. And you haven’t disappointed me a day since then.
-Well, at least, you can’t accuse me of being inconsistent.
-Consistent heartbreak.
-Come on Deb, you know I’ve looked after Mikey.
-I’ve never said that you weren’t there for him. You’ve been there too much. Always giving him just those extra little tidbits of your affection, uh? To make him believe that maybe someday you’d be his.
-Well, who knows? Maybe we’ll end up a couple of old queens in Palm Springs. 
-Only what’s he supposed to do until then? He had a chance with David, but you had to fuck it up.
-He wasn’t having any fun.
-He’s had enough fun. You’ve all had enough fun. It’s time for him to be a man.
-And what do you want me to do about that?
-Well, I don’t know. Something. You owe my kid something.
-Okay. You win. I’ll do something. [Pause] It’s Mikey’s 30th birthday. He should have a party he never forgets.”