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Last week I read the anthology Love Is Love, published by DC Comics and IDW, an homage to the victims and survivors of the Orlando shooting.

I didn’t dare asking to participate when Marc Andreyko made an open call for creators. But after reading it, and seeing the DC characters there (which I didn’t expect), I kept thinking what would I have done, and I was inspired to do this short story. Couldn’t help myself actually.
It falls utterly and unashamedly under the category of fan fiction. My first ever.

And to expand on the meta commentary, given the hostile world we live in, as a queer author and activist I think mainstream comics still could use higher profile queer superheroes, tied to their most visible franchises, that are queer super activists alongside the ones that do add to minority representation but sometimes just “happen to be queer”. Of course, as a Wonderfan I think one tied to the Wonder Woman franchise would be just perfect.

  • Me: Show me the queer characters? Where are they? You said there were queers?
  • Author: Well, any character can be queer if you want them to be.
  • Me: -_-
  • Me: . . .
  • Me: *facepalms*
  • Me: But how about we just have EXPLICITLY queer characters instead?

*Letters between Forster and Isherwood on Homosexuality and Literature (2008) edited by Richard E. Zeikowitz. **The drawings of Isherwood and Forster on the book cover are by Don Bachardy.  :-)  In fact, the book was dedicated to Bachardy by the editor.

***A letter where Isherwood is sending his high praise to Forster for his book, Maurice.

Favorite quotes about Maurice from Isherwood’s letter:

”What a book! In some ways, your very best.” - Totally agree, Christopher!

“And Maurice himself is a masterpiece–one of the few truly noble characters of fiction.” - Heck yeah! You better believe it!

“I have nothing, really, to criticize about the ending–except that you shouldn’t stop there. Or there should be a sequel.” - I love that Isherwood was demanding a sequel! LOL! 

“I should love to know what [Alec and Maurice] are doing now.” - The moment when Isherwood became ALL of us in the Maurice fandom.

lesbian/wlw artsy database

Hey everyone!

Ever feel like you don’t have anything to read or watch or listen to that’s wlw-centric? In that case, we have news for you: we’re gradually preparing a database of lesbian & wlw authors / books / films / TV series / artists / musicians. Anything that’s got lesbian content - even if it’s just one storyline among many others, or just one episode on a show. Any lesbian/bi/pan/queer writer, artist, singer, musician. From anywhere in the world, from any time period.

For now, we’re all putting it together in a google spreadsheet & figuring out how to make it easier for you to search through it before we share the link (which will be soon).

So if you’ve got good recs for anything/anyone, if you know a book or movie you think should absolutely be on this masterlist, then message us!


“Black science fiction trailblazer Samuel Delaney, 63, remembers teaching Butler as a 23-year-old student at the Clarion Science Fiction Workshop. She was, he says, incredibly shy, a student who spoke only when she had something to say, but someone who obviously had great talent.

It was years later, however, after she had published "Kindred,” that he saw what she had become. “It was wonderful to see how she had bloomed and gained so much self-confidence and become a really extraordinary public speaker,” Delaney says. She also was a pathblazer in a genre where once you could count the black writers on one hand.“

Hey guys! In honor of Sherlock, my new site will be going live within the next two weeks as a way to give back to the LGBTQ community. I have to work out the kinks first before I actually start to market this site, so I’m wondering if any of my followers would like to volunteer a piece of original literary work ahead of time. I’m looking for family-friendly pieces of writing by queer authors like you, less than 5,000 words, that are not fanfiction. Poems, short stories, and scripts. The subject of the writing doesn’t have to be explicitly queer – the thing that makes it queer is the fact it’s written by a queer author. For example, I’m submitting a short story called “Spoons”, influenced by my years working at Walt Disney World. There’s nothing explicitly queer about it, it’s a comedy piece, but because I’m gay this story becomes a representation of queer life – complex and human.

If anyone has a piece of writing they’d like to submit ahead of time, please message me. Once the site is up and running a link will be placed on your work directing readers to your tumblr/twitter/blog if you so choose.


Hey, not offence but

this wonderful specimen of a human being has started a blog for her new upcoming book, and it is my duty as a bisexual nonbinary person as well as a lovestruck puppy full of admiration to pitch it to you:

Lesbian. Superheroes. Aimed for young adults.

You want to support this. Trust me. Oh, you already support it? Then go follow @writeitgay for snippets and other info about these adorable teen lesbians who’ll do anything to keep their powers… so they can keep being enemies?

Also, go thank @malinwolf for coming up with this brilliant idea. She’s an awesome noodle.

Title: Acute Angles

Author: TamerLorika

Ships: Dex/Chowder/Nursey, Zimbits

Summary: William Poindexter is happier than he has been in a long time, and though he knows why, he hasn’t spent a lot of time analyzing the specifics. All he knows is that Nurse and Chowder are the best thing that’s happened to him.The problem is that Nurse and Chowder are so good, he’s not sure if there is room for him, because he’s sure he’s going to fuck it all up. When things go wrong, Derek and Chris are left to show Will exactly how well he fits in with them, even if they never meant it to happen like this.

Tags: Polyamory, Homophobic Language, homophobic violence, functional polyamory triangle, queer stories by queer authors, various reactions to panic, Outing, check please big bang 2016

This story is friggen fantastic. I’m wasn’t even a polyfrogs shipper before, but this story made me want to draw them forever. It is full of angst and fluff and everything I could ask for in a fic. I recommend it to everyone!