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Shoutout to the black boys

Shoutout to the black boys who do ballet.
Shoutout to the black boys who are gymnasts.
Shoutout to the black boys who are acrobats.
Shoutout to the black boys that do yoga.
Shoutout to the black boys who are cheerleaders.
Shoutout to the black boys that play soccer.
Shoutout to the black boys that play volleyball.
Shoutout to the black boys that play tennis.
Shoutout to the black boys who are models.
Shoutout to the black boys who are poets/writers.
Shoutout to the black boys who cook/bake.
Shoutout to the black boys that are opera singers.
Shoutout to the black boys that are fat.
Shoutout to the black boys that are skinny/bony.
Shoutout to the black boys with eating disorders.
Shoutout to the black boys with mental illnesses.
Shoutout to the black boys with disabilities.
Shoutout to the black boys who are gay.
Shoutout to the black boys who are trans.
Shoutout to the black boys who are bisexual.
Shoutout to the black boys who are asexual.
Shoutout to the black boys with crooked teeth.
Shoutout to the black boys with huge/tiny ears.
Shoutout to the black boys with weird belly buttons.
Shoutout to the black boys that are short.
Shoutout to the black boys that can’t grow facial hair.
Shoutout to the black boys that are afraid to be themselves.
Shoutout to the black boys that never feel like they are enough.

You are enough, and we love you. If they don’t, I sure as hell do. Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t talented or beautiful, or “not black enough” or “man enough” because of the things you enjoy or deal with in live. You are valid. You are loved. You are important. And that’ll never change.

Why I don't dress like a Chola

(some ramblings but I’m trying to process this and explain my perspective)

So I was in middle school in the 90s….
The time that people are now emulating
And I admire the chola aesthetic….
but going to those 90s hood inspired events reminded me why I don’t and will never dress like a chola…

I saw all these girls dressed in the 90s chola style and all of the sudden I was transported back to my brace face self in middle school

I was a nerd. And by that I mean, I was like reading dr. Doolittle books by myself in the library sometimes

And it was the cholitas that would tell me I wasn’t Mexican because I did not dress like them. It was the cholitas that were mean to me for being a nerd. But on the other hand, I defended them when white students would say they were “chuntis” and “beaners” and I just felt like such a confused in between person…. that 90s aesthetic that is so cool right now reminds me of the time that our identities were ridged… a time that wearing hoops and dark lipstick was seen as the ONLY way to be Mexicana/chicana….. and if you weren’t that, you weren’t Mexicana, you were a “white girl”. It didn’t matter that I watched “Preciosa” and “Soñadoras” novelas or that I wore Beaded jewelry or that I spent summers in Mexico with my family…. I was a nerd and so that made me a “white girl”.

The thing is, there’s no one way to be a chicana. And as I’ve said before I’m down for all types of chicanas for chicanxs, for xicanas, for xicanx skaters, punks, rockabillies… city chicanas, small town xicanas, artist chicanas, athlete chicanas, queer xicanxs, multiracial xicanas and of course nerd xicanas.

And so I’ll never dress like a chola most importantly because I’m not one.

@lachenta asked for SMH’s favorite hockey teams so here we go 

Holster: If his family asks, it’s the Sabres. If Ransom asks, it’s the Bruins (that’s their compromise team, there was a lot of negotiating while drunk one night and Holster swore that was going to be his favorite team until the end of time. The Bruins had won the Cup only a few months prior). If the team (*cough*Jack*cough*) asks, it’s the Falconers (c'mon bro, who else would it be?). Real answer: the Seattle Schooners (he’s completely unsure if he could/would go pro but if he did, he’d want to sign with them). 

Ransom: The Maple Leafs, pretty simple, that’s the team he was raised on. And then he roots for the Bruins most of the time because they’re close by/he and Holster can go to home games whenever and that’s pretty special. Also, he appreciates Boston’s hockey fanbase, they’re a dece crowd.

Shitty: Oh ho ho. Once upon a time his entire shitty (no pun intended) family loved the Bruins. Out of spite he started reping the Blackhawks. Shitty no longer reps the Blackhawks. Now he’s a die-hard Caps fan and if questioned, he will give you the world’s longest diatribe about how easy it should be to have  team names that don’t monopolize on racist stereotypes (looking at you DC region NFL team).

Lardo: Is the master of unpopular opinions and she has two favorite teams for different reasons. Her family lives in Boston now but they didn’t always. She is originally from Philly, she will always be a Flyers fan through thick and thin. She chooses who to disclose this information to and does not give one fuck if anyone is bothered by this. However, sometime around middle school her parents’ work takes them to Chicago. She does not like Chicago hockey fans. She becomes a Blues fan partially because of this, but also she loves their brand identity and will always root for the underdog. (Plus they’ve been aight for the past few seasons and she will defend them at all costs they deserve the same attention as any other team.) 

Jack: Ok so I can’t find if Jack has a weird relationship with the Habs (because of his dad’s legacy). But even if he does, he probably holds a small torch for them. And he’s his dad’s biggest fan, I just can’t imagine 2017 Jack Zimmermann not being proud of where they are right now. (He probably tweeted Jordie good luck yesterday. He’s probably really good friends with Jordie tbh and he tells him that Bad Bob said to hmu ‘his words, I’m sorry’ if Jordie ever needs anything). But by the same logic, he is a Pens fan. Idk if this universe has Sid in it, but if it does these guys are SCARY together on ice for the World Cup and they root for each other when they’re not playing against themselves. Side note: Jack had a matinee game this past Saturday when the Pens and Flyers played. He, Bitty, and Lardo converged on Shitty’s couch to watch. Jack and Lardo are best bros and have a language all their own. But Lord, Bitty has NEVER felt such animosity flow between them. (The game ends and everything goes back to normal. Shitty and Bitty still fear for their lives.) (He does love the Falcs, he just doesn’t think that counts as a favorite team since he’s on the team.)

Bitty: I read this bittyparse fic a few days ago (I’ll link it when I remember it’s name) where Bitty says he’s a southern boy so his team is the Preds and he thinks Subban is the greatest (I agree). I think that’s one of his teams (and certainly the one he tells people the most often). He usually decides at the end of the season who he’s cheering in the playoffs (and there’s a tier system so if, purely by example, Anaheim gets knocked out whoop there’s Tampa Bay doing well). One thing he will never admit (not until much farther into his relationship and honestly only because Jack catches him) is that he watches another team quite religiously. Because Eric Richard “I can’t adopt Chowder” Bittle definitely cares about a team he’s not supposed to: and he just about tears his hair out every time he sits down to watch a Canes game. They are his children, he must protect them at all costs. Jack can’t even be mad at him when the Falcs play the Canes and Bitty wears his Skinner jersey with defiant pride (just like Bitty can’t be mad at Jack for scoring a goal and three assists in said shutout).

Johnson: The Minnesota Wild (J: actually it’s the Las Vegas Golden Knights. Shitty: …I’m writing you out of my will).

Nursey: Feels like he should be a Rangers fan, or an Islanders fan (or even a Sabres fan). But they don’t do it for him. The real answer to who’s his favorite hockey team is the New York Riverters/the entire NWHL (his sister is totally dating one of the players and he sees how hard they’re all working to get the league’s name out there and how they’re trying to provide a space for queer professional athletes. Not to mention that Harrison Browne is low-key his hero). But if you forced him to pick an NHL team, The Red Wings (one of his moms is from Detroit and they’re not a bad team, they just have some rough years here and there).

Dex: Is technically from Bruins territory. They’re his favorite US team in the NHL. But he’s also close enough to Montreal that he’s a hardcore Habs fan (which is half the reason why he drunkenly fangirls Jack throughout his frog year but he does it from a distance because Jack’s great and he probably has to deal with this shit all the time). And he’s spent most of this current season screaming “HA TAKE THAT ASSHATS” throughout the entire Haus every time they win and/or he checks the league rankings online.

Tango: It’s been established that his entire family is made up of Devils fans. I’m gonna reiterate that. He was pretty young when they won in 2000. But 2003 sparked his life long love of the game and to this day, he can tell you in great detail how his family reacted to that win (not all of it is really appropriate, though, and he does not care who/when/where it is brought up, he will re-enact the entire damn thing he does not care if your professor is judging you from afar or if your parents about to be scandalized. Just DON’T get Tony started, ok?)

Whiskey: Watch + Haircut + Lax Bros = LA = Kings Fan (he definitely flew back home for ASG this year)

Chowder: Oh no no, you think I saved him because all I have to say is he’s a Sharks fan? You underestimate us both. You see, asking Chowder who his favorite team is is like asking me what my favorite TV show is (the answer is Friends but it’s just so much more/intense/extra than anything else that it doesn’t exist on the same plane as everyone else’s fav). And this boy is the nurturing type so you have to understand that the Sharks are his ride or die for life, but he has other teams to look out for as well. Chowder is the official Western Conference Hockey ParentTM. He loves all the struggling teams that are having a rough patch and/or don’t get the attention they deserve. He was one of the Aces’ first fans (and the Schooners, but they’re all grown up with a big fanbase so they don’t really need him anymore). He keeps tabs on the Stars, AV’s, and Yotes like they’re his children. He’s actually big on hockey twitter because he’s hilarious and he wants to spread positivity throughout the league (one day he will be the most followed official NHL player twitter account).

*Bonus* Kent: has nightmares about Captain Tyler Seguin of the Las Vegas Golden Knights. Ok in all seriousness, he loves his team. But he was raised a Rangers fan, he will die a Rangers fan. And if he wasn’t so used to the desert at this point/loves his life there, he would play for the Rangers at the drop of a hat.

So. It’s head canon time again.

I have not seen nearly enough Johnny Weir content in this fandom and I intend to rectify that. Cause you better BELIEVE young, queer baby, figure skater Eric Richard Bittle would have lost his shit over Johnny Weir. Johnny Weir came out in 2011 when Bitty would have been about 15 and like. You know that boy cried. Especially after all the shit Weir put up with in regards to speculation about his gender and sexuality.  He has a framed, signed Johnny Weir poster still hanging up in his childhood bedroom and loudly tells the story of how he came into possession of that poster to anyone who will listen— mostly when he’s drunk. It isn’t a very interesting story. He won it in a fan contest.

Now fast forward to after Jack has publicly come out and imagine that he and Bitty are on a date somewhere, maybe at a bar or a restaurant, and Johnny Weir walks in the door. So, of course, Bitty loses his goddamn mind like:

“Holy shit. Holy shit. Jack, Jaaaaaaaack.”

“What? What’s wrong?”

“Good lord, pinch me, I’m pretty damn sure that’s Johnny Weir who just walked in!”

“… Ehh, who?”

To be fair, Jack had a lot going on during Weir’s rise to fame (what with juniors and then the OD and then the getting-his-life-back-together stuff) and he never really followed figure skating all that closely (or at all). But Jack is pretty sure he just broke Bitty because he is giving Jack this wide-eyed, rattled sort of stare and he just—

Who is Johnny Weir? You don’t know how Johnny Weir is?”

“No???” This is the wrong answer.

“Jack. Johnny Weir is THE pop culture icon – the Beyoncé, if you will – of men’s figure skating, and you know I don’t make that kind of comparison lightly. You not knowing who Johnny Weir is…That’s like if Sidney Crosby walked in right now and I went ‘Hey, Jack. Who’s that guy over there who stole your ass?’ That’s like – that’s like if –“

“Like if your boyfriend’s dad was Bob Zimmermann and you had to google him when you found out?”

“Shut up! That was different!

“How was that different, Bittle?”

“Well… well… you don’t say ‘pecan’ right!

“We are not having this discussion again.”

Because all of Jack and Bitty’s arguments somehow work their way back to the pronunciation of ‘pecan.’

And when Johnny Weir starts walking over, Bitty maybe hyperventilates just a little because I mean, it’s his childhood idol and he’s sitting here with his queer NHL star boyfriend and HOW did his life BECOME like this? Johnny says hi and introduces himself (Bittle is trying so hard to keep it together) and mentions how happy he was for Jack when he came out. Maybe they have a short chat about that kind of thing, how even in this day and age it’s hard to be a publicly queer athlete. Jack carefully avoids having to know anything about Weir’s career, to Bitty’s gratitude, and casually mentions that his boyfriend (he still relishes in getting to use the term) Eric here used to skate in the juniors.

Bitty actually gets to have a conversation with Johnny Weir about figure skating and manages to stay moderately cool under pressure and truly his entire existence is a surreal simulation. Eventually Weir leaves to go re-join his own party and throughout the rest of the night Bitty will just periodically stop in his tracks and turn to Jack and whisper:

We just met Johnny Weir.

“Yes, Bitty.”

Johnny Weir knows who my boyfriend is. Johnny Weir knows my name.

“Yes, I know Bitty. I was there.”

Jack – Johnny Weir.”

“I’m gonna start reading pecan pie recipes off my phone if you don’t cut it out.”


Meet The First Trans Athlete To Be Featured In ESPN’s Body Issue

Chris Mosier, who has said he began questioning his gender identity at age 4, told HuffPost that he was “really grateful for the opportunity” to be included in the magazine, and called the photoshoot “a great opportunity to push my own boundaries.” 

Sometimes I feel pressure to live up to expectations because fitness has become a huge part of my life. Sometimes I look at my body in fear that I don’t look ‘fit enough’. So I have to remind myself why this is what I do. It’s because of the way it makes feel. It’s because of my genuine love for it. It isn’t supposed to be about focusing on the way I look.
I love the drive I have to push myself to be better and stronger every day. Even when my arms and legs burn and my body wants to give up, I tell myself to keep going. I love the intensity of it all. It reminds me how amazing my body is. It reminds me that I can do anything.

10 Things I’ve Learned in a Decade of Roller Derby
Ten years ago, two months shy of my 30th birthday, I decided to start playing a sport for the first time in my life. It …
By Lauren Bishop

Ooo this is good. If you’ve been involved in derby, this will likely ring hard and true. If you know someone who doesn’t quite get why we’re all so obsessed, this will be an enlightening read.

“It’s not a hobby.”

Ok so maybe it is just me projecting again (or it definitely is) but how about Bitty being involved in queer orgs on campus???

Like its Samwell you know there are so many different LGBTQ organizations.

Freshman year he isn’t super involved. He has only just said that he’s gay out loud for the first time and is not used to being out to anyone so being out to a whole group of strangers is not ideal.

Sophomore year, he hears about the Pride Student Union through Lardo. She goes to their meetings when she can (she had a thing with the treasurer her freshman year) and she starts taking Bitty with her. He starts to branch out a little in the group and makes a few new friends outside the team.

He goes on a few dates too, and when he grabs coffee with a linebacker named Terry he finds out about the Queer Athletes Association.

He starts going to their meetings as well and befriends some cool people who know exactly what he’s going through. The president of said club is one Camilla Collins.

He befriends Camilla and the two start grabbing lunch on a regular basis. It’s from Camilla that he learns about LGBTQ Affairs, and eventually he starts volunteering at their office.

By junior year Bitty is involved in multiple queer orgs and feels the most secure in his identity he’s ever felt.

He gets elected as VP of marketing for QAA his junior year (where he drags Holster to the meetings), and is unanimously nominated as president for his senior year (Camilla cries a little as she hands over the baton).

Just, give me Bitty finding queer spaces on campus and coming into his own.