queer as folk [2]


King Arthur x Pacific Rim ►The Once and Future King (Fake! Trailer)

Arthur and Mage are the Jaeger pilots. Bill is the villain.

My favorite things tbh

1. Happy and confident Queer-folks.

2. Proud and happy POC people.

3. Fluffy cats.

4. Openly LGBTQ+ characters in popular movies games TV and Etc.

5. Dimples and Freckles.

6. Gender stereotypes being destroyed.

7. Non-radical feminism.

8. Adorable happy Trans-people.

9. Boba-tea

10. Crushing the souls of terfs.

can we talk about s2 brian kinney? the brian kinney that was so worried about justin’s health that he met a therapist to get advice? the brian kinney that was so shaken by the idea of justin giving up on art that he went out and bought him a computer to assist him? the brian kinney that held justin silently whenever things got to be too much?

s2 brian kinney is everything.