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Hi, I was just wondering how in the deepest depths of hell do I meet cute girls not online cause I suck at typing words and less so at speaking them??????

Depending where you live, get thee to your local queer/queer friendly bar! Small neighbourhood places are my preference but dancing to Madonna with drag queens at two in the morning can also be glorious.

If you’re not one for drinking culture, and don’t mind getting intellectual, you can check out your local artist/hipster subcultures - most cities worth a damn will have small pockets of queer artists and authors who tend to gather around gallery shows + book clubs etc.

Also worth an honourable mention: Roller Derby. My non-queer friend is literally the token straight chick on her team. It’s amazing.

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Okay idk how else to put this so imma just say you seem pretty in the wrong about the rcdart thing. Their art grosses me the hell out and legit seems fetishistic and just. I dont understand your defense of them when they make so many other people also feel gross and uncomfortable with their art

First and foremost you are well within your right to feel however the hell you want about someone elses’ art. You can think it’s gross and ugly and childish and literally whatever else you feel like calling it. That is 100% your prerogative. 

The whole thing with this is that the situation evolved beyond “I like x artist’s work” and “I dislike x artist’s work” pretty much as soon as it started and has turned into tumblr going into their everfamous witchhunts and bullying a young queer artist on the internet for literally no reason other than that they were incapable of hitting the unfollow button or installing post-block, and so they’d rather ensure that the source content disappears so that they can spend the rest of their lives as comfortable as possible.

I don’t see anything radical or incomprehensible about someone standing up for an 18 year old kid being told to kill themselves over an art blog, and having their entire tag on this website being filled up with people saying they hope they get their throat clawed out and die. 

This has happened before, innumerous times, where a young artist who draws for a fandom has made a piece that was disliked enough for one reason or another that other bloggers drove them to suicide or suicide attempts. People have been completely mobbed off of this website for “transgressions” as simple as– I shit you not– drawing a 16 year old character kissing another 16 year old character. (Pedophilia, they called it at the time.) By the way, the artist in question was also underage at the time the drawing was made, but wasn’t by the time Tumblr dragged it out as “receipts” from their “dark” past and tried to get them fired from their job as a professional artist for a game. 

People on this website have this really shit tendency to feel like they can maintain an ultimate moral high ground as long as they demonize any potential problematic thing any person has done to the point where the only reconciliation they will accept is the complete eradication of source content or the content creator, and then they bask in the sense of power they’ve established for themselves. 

SO– in short– I hope this clears things up for you on why I feel the way I do about “the rcdart thing”. And if you or anyone else on here feels like any bloggers comfort is important enough to justify the mass bullying of an 18 year old kid, I would highly recommend you check an ethics book out on your way to unfollow my blog. Because as I’ve said before and I will say again– I don’t care what the source problem was, but when you refuse to accept someone else’s existence because you disagree with them, you are not the good guy in this story, and you are everything I have ever fought against in my life. 


Some of you may remember my popular bi, pan, and asexuwhale trio from last year. Well, I’ve decided to redo the set and add EVEN MORE SEXUWHALES (and an aromanatee!)

Bisexuwhale - humpback whale
Homosexuwhale - sperm whale
Pansexuwhale - narwhal/narwhale
Polysexuwhale - beluga whale
Asexuwhale - killer whale/orca
Aromanatee - manatee

All are available in my Redbubble shop as stickers, shirts, mugs, and more; text-less versions will be added to my shop soon, too.


Finished my “Black Girls are Magic” drawing set!

I even kind of thought of a background story of all of them going to an all girls magic school where they are the top students of their class and each of them varies in sexuality (the first girl is pan, second girl is bi), body type, skin darkness, and the last girl is trans because trans inclusive feminism is choice. 

But i really had fun with this and my favorite has to be the second to last girl because she just looks awesome, i mean, “i know.” AGH LET ME LIVE 

Androgyny is so often considered the standard for non binary people which can be harmful to those of us who reject gender stereotypes completely. Your gender is valid! Your gender isn’t compromised! You’re genuine as you are.

Chance • 2016

I am so excited about this new album! I don’t fanboy often, but when I do it manifests like this. I’m a broke ass artist and can’t afford the fly posters for the new album, so I made my own. Friday can’t come fast enough!!

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Gender flags <3

© Julia BREMOND - Guimauve

Feel free to like, share and follow me if you want my work to be seen by more people. I started to do some drawings about gender, to sell them and give money to a french association that helps people victims of homophobia and transphobia.

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Essential Things for the Best First Date!

A new collaborative comic for Everyday Feminism! This is called Essential Things To Think About For The Best Possible First Date With A Trans Women (whew such a long title). BASICALLY: a super cute comic to make sure you’re not perpetuating any anti-trans patterns. And have a great date! READ THE REST HERE

Cat Collar
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Cat Collar is the result of the anger I harbor at feeling unsafe going anywhere. The constant nagging that someone is going to say something to make me uncomfortable. The fear that I have to act a certain way or risk danger. The frustration of being sexualized since I was in 5th grade. About all those times I wanted to move seats on the bus. Here’s what came of all that.  

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Representation matters.

I work with a nonprofit in ATX and it focuses on teaching arts education to kiddos throughout the school year and summer, both after school and in the classroom. This summer I had to great fortune to be able to lead some summertime instruction with a bunch of young people doing all sorts of fun stuff together.

In this one instance, I was helping this group of young people build a cardboard city to paint when they came up to me unable to tear some tape. And while helping them, they revealed to me that they identify as non-binary when I suggested they use their “man muscles” to tear the tape. They’re going into first grade. I’m relieved that so many young people are discovering themselves outside our gender binary and can remind adults to cleanse our speech of unnecessary and limiting gender conforming language.

I applaud their confidence in letting me know about how they identify. It takes guts to correct an adult as a young person, and that kid has guts!



some black and white photos from my shoot with casualdorkpatrol from the other day. 

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