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THANK YOU FOR HELPING OUR ARTISTS HAVE BONUSES ONTO THEIR BASE PAYS! We can’t thank you enough for all your pledges and support, and it’s great to not only have the Kickstarter funded, but now also two out of five stretch goals. How many can we break with the rest of our time on the clock? 

Our next stretch goal at $41,000 will include color inserts for the book for all 22 cards!

 Our Kickstarter ends on Tuesday May 2nd 12PM PDT, so remember to pledge and pre-order a book while there’s still time! For now, let’s take a look at The Tower by Steve Foxe and & Andrew Drilon.


  • Planetary Ruler of Mars
  • Archaic Title - “Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty”
  • An age-old guard tower typically rendered being destroyed with its denizens razed to the ground below, The Tower is a signal for dramatic, sometimes violent change in our lives, to abandon the old and begin anew. Specifically, it is the process of dismantling the former, the construction site of warped earth and crashes of destruction and renovation to make way for which will be, eventually, a shining new building in its place.


  • Steve’s Twitter || Andrew’s Instagram
  • Steve Foxe writes comics, comics journalism, and licensed children’s books for properties including Transformers, DC Super Friends, and Justice League. He was the winner of the second annual Top Cow Talent Hunt and his work has appeared in the DC Comics/IDW Publishing Love is Love Orlando benefit book, The Oath queer superhero anthology, and the Beyond II queer sci-fi anthology. He is the assistant editor for Paste Magazine’s comic section and lives in Queens, where he tweets about comics, horror movies, gay stuff, and cats.
    Andrew Drilon hails from the Philippines, where he recently won the National Book Award for his first book, Kare-Kare Komiks. His works have appeared in various publications including Dark Horse Presents, Top Shelf 2.0 and Playboy.

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“The Fluidity of Androgyny.” Ink, marker, and pencil on paper. 9"X12". I like the idea of something or someone being not just one way or another, but outside the confines or spoon-fed “normalcy.” Also, everyone’s fascination with that face app where it changes your face to a different “gender” has me thinking that there is some sort of osmosis happening with this topic. I shall explore further.

OK so here’s why it matters that we value and support out queer artists making art.

Tonight I drove home with my windows down and sunroof open, blasting a song called Cold Water. It’s my favorite song from Dear Misery, an album by Colonial Blue, stephanie rice’s band. There’s this part in the song where the banjo picks up and then the drum kicks in and she just wails away at lyrics that just…resonate for me in my bones. 

“The sun comes up. The rain comes down. This is how we make a sound. I’m broken down, on bended knees, oh will you come and rescue me.” 

The freedom and the fear and the hope and the loneliness…I know that alchemy of emotions. I remember being 16 and living in a friend’s basement. There was no shower, I kept having to sneak in showers at others people’s houses where I could. And there were nights I just…wondered if they’d come for me. My family. I was surviving, making it day by day, the sun came up and the rain came down but it was hard and cold and above all, lonely. I just thought…someone would come. I felt it all over again, listening to this song, driving way too fast on the highway tonight. 

They don’t of course. They don’t come. They don’t rescue me. But the beauty of adult retrospect is knowing that other people…they do. Queer people, my people…they come and they rescue me. And they tell me it’s ok, and they tell me they’re there. And I still don’t….know that I’ll ever really heal from that. I don’t think you really heal from losing your family in that way. 

But there is something comforting, in these lyrics and it might be about something else for all I know, but it COULD be about exactly that experience. Because it’s music by a queer woman who’s had that experience. Because I know she knows what it feels like to be unutterably alone. It COULD be about that, and even if it’s not it’s INFORMED by that. 

And that’s a thing you can’t fake. That alchemy of feelings in response to that very specific experience. 

Anyway, support and value queer artists. I forget constantly how rarely art reflects back to me experiences like my own. How valuable that mirror is. What a gift it is to feel a little less alone in the world. 


so 5 minutes after uploading this animation I made today of a rainbow colored cuttlefish, YouTube restricted it……. cos we can’t have the kiddies seeing this RAUNCHY lil cephalopod

EDIT: if you’d like to see for yourself, scroll to the bottom of this page and turn restricted mode on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XRaWB3k2pI

as of right now (3/22) it’s still restricted just for having “gay” in the title; I updated with another screenshot of it in restricted mode -3-