Portrait of Islan Nettles Last year Islan Nettles was beaten to death outside a police service area in New York. Here murderer was charged with a misdemeanor for assault. Transgender women face extreme rates of discrimination, and for trans women of colour that often comes in the form of violence. The murder rate for trans women of colour is insanely high compared to the rest of the general population, and it is not uncommon that the murderers go free. This is outrageous. Its a sad part of our society, and needs to be dealt with in some way.

Read more about Islan Nettles story, and the legal situation around violence against trans people in this article by Parker Molloy

Rachel Stern, Still Life with Real and Fake Flowers, 2013.

Curator Ashley McNelis writes, “Fascinated by how objects can hold symbolic and material value, Rachel Stern finds inspiration in the history of decorative arts and stylistic movements—such as Rococo—believing it’s possible to create beauty from the banal, and to make high aesthetics universally accessible. Internalizing these ideas, Stern constructs fantastical image worlds using male muses. Further instigated by her interest in the history of art, visual culture, feminism, queer aesthetics, and beauty, she embraces the complexity of these images and is honest about not fully understanding them.“