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“Black science fiction trailblazer Samuel Delaney, 63, remembers teaching Butler as a 23-year-old student at the Clarion Science Fiction Workshop. She was, he says, incredibly shy, a student who spoke only when she had something to say, but someone who obviously had great talent.

It was years later, however, after she had published "Kindred,” that he saw what she had become. “It was wonderful to see how she had bloomed and gained so much self-confidence and become a really extraordinary public speaker,” Delaney says. She also was a pathblazer in a genre where once you could count the black writers on one hand.“


It’s been so hot in NYC that I developed a heat rash on my face, neck and back. It looked so bad that I had to leave work.

I’ve never had heat rash before, but my doc confirmed it. I was prescribed meds.

Anyways, my fiancé wasn’t about to let my fears about my skin and a rash stop him from being all over me. “You can’t give me your rash, so scoot over!” With air conditioner on blast we fell asleep and I woke up earlier than him but his heavy ass was hard to push off ❤️😂😉


Must Watch: Kenyan rap collective Art Attack remixes Macklemore’s “Same Love” to celebrate LGBTQI Africans. 

If you would like to learn more about Art Attack and their social justice work please contact them at therealartattack@gmail.com.


Who says gay men and lesbians can’t get along?? We are co workers, openly gay and lesbian working in non profit , all with Masters Degrees.
We live our truth because even in today’s world it can be unsafe to be out of the closet at work or home.
We are blessed.