queer accessories

Valmai Morgan’s first photoshoot for the Holyhead Harpies for the Spring of ‘99 edition of Quidditch Quarterly magazine. Morgan lead an immensely  successful eleven-year career as a Chaser with the the Harpies, during which thousands of figurines in her image were sold around the wixen world.

In 2010 in a match against the Montrose Magpies, Morgan made headlines when she broke both legs (and scored 10 points) when she successfully executed the Dionysus Dive tactic, in which a Chaser jumps from her broom to punch the Quaffle into the goalposts. While Morgan continued playing in the match with both broken legs and managed to score two more goals, she subsequently retired, and now lives in Caerphilly with her wife and son. 

(photograph of Idina Menzel)

Gals being pals in the book I’m reading today, ‘Barbie’s Queer Accessories’.

I almost always find the art of the vintage pre-mod Barbie dolls more attractive than the dolls themselves.