I Have NO Clue What I'm Doing// closed RP with queenxtara

M.K figured that after she graduated high school, she wouldn’t have to keep getting up so early.

She’d take the first two weeks of summer off, get settled in at her dad’s house, sleep in every morning, try and make new friends and text the old ones constantly. Then get a summer job she could work at in the afternoon, raising money so she could move out of her “Weirdo” dad’s house when she turned 18 in September.

But then she got shrunk and injected with the lifeblood of the forest, and her entire life was put on hold and reset.

Including her “Sleep in until 11 in the morning” plans.

M.K winced as sunlight poured into her room as the curtains were shoved back with swoosh, rolling onto her opposite side and pulling her covers over her head with a moan.

“Wake up my little protege~” a melodic voice sang from the window, the owner of said voice coming over to the bed and sitting down by M.K’s hip. She gently shook the young woman’s shoulder, and M.K groaned loudly in response. “Come on M.K, we’ve got lots of stuff to learn today!”

“Taraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,” M.K groaned, rolling onto her back and looking up at the former queen with eyes that were weighed down with sleep. “Ten more minuuuuuuuuuutes.”