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//im so glad you think gabriel being hawkmoth is too easy cuz that is my exact feeling screeches

YOU JUST OPENED A FLOODGATE PREPARE YOURSELF like i really don’t want him to be?? he has so much potential and want to see more interactions between him and Adrien, plus really want to know what happened to his wife and what the whole deal with that is bc i headcanon that he was a better father (still not the best, still worked a lot, but was actually there some of the time) until his wife was gone, then Adrien reminded him too much of her so he distanced himself and he’s very strict with Adrien bc he’s protective aND I JUST WANT TO SEE MORE GABRIEL DEVELOPMENT OKAY esp in regards to Adrien i LIVE for character development

farfetched headcanon time: i have this whole thing where he knows that Adrien is only modeling to make him happy and has no real interest in fashion and i think he would approve of marinette bc she’s hella talented and HE SAW HER POTENTIAL DURING THE BOWLER HAT COMPETITION SO HE WANTS THEM TO GET MARRIED to keep the business within the family and she’s such a nice girl who wouldn’t want her as a daughter-in-law ALSO he keeps sweets away from Adrien like hey i know a bakery where you can get pastries as stuff, i heard the owners’ daughter is sweet too *nudge nudge* (bc gabriel is a pun-loving nerd let’s be honest, like father like son)

let’s be real he prob is hawkmoth, it’s the same english voice actor and they don’t even try to disguise his voice, BUT I STILL HAVE HOPE i mean there are a lot of voice actors that play multiple characters in one show, riGHT?? *cries* 

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inquisitor asks: 1, 7, 9, 39

1.       what is your inquisitor’s name & race?

My inquisitor is a qunari named Tempest Adaar.

2.       who is your inquisitor’s best friend?

Out of all her companions, Tempest is closest with Vivienne. They like to have long and lively discussions in Madame De Fer’s lounge, talking late into the night about anything and everything that peaked their interests. Eventually, Vivienne taught her the skills necessary to become a knight enchanter.

3.       who is their love interest, if they chose one? do you ship them with anyone else/non-romanceable options?

Tempest mostly avoided romance for about her first year with the inquisition, but in the weeks leading to Corypheus’ final attack, Tempest grew increasingly anxious. She trained both herself and those working under her to the point of near- exhaustion. She found her calm-in-the-storm (ha!) in the Captain of the Chargers. Thats right. She rode the bull. #AdaaribullForever

4.       if varric gave them a nickname, what would it be?

Her nick name is “Ari-shock” because she predominately uses lightning spell. Hilarious right?

Heres a pic cus she HOT

Thanks for the ask dear! <3

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if you were to open commissions, would you limit it to people's ocs or include fanart as well?

that’s a good question!! it really depends on the fanart, like if the character had a super extreme detailed design i might not….accept it….or charge more;;; but it should be alright to ask for like an anime character…..if it was a real life person just expect them to come out super anime ahahnfds lAUGHS M Y WAY OFF THE STAGE

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I WANT GABRIEL DEVELOPMENT TOO like his character could be worked on so much (chloe too!) and, by making him hawkmoth, there's no way adrien could ever be happy unless it's a "lmao sorry i was possessed by the miraculous" ending and ughhhh i want gabriel to have an actual story, not "im mean and im the villain wahahahaa"

YES i also like the theory where his kwami (assuming that’s where he gets his powers from) is controlling him and making him be evil, like the negative emotions were already there but the kwami or whatever amplifies them? BUT I AGREE i need my son to be happy and have his dad notice him and to not call him “father” bc it’s so formal and it breaks my heart every time


Some pictures of when I went into the city yesterday!

Got to meet up with the lovely queentaiga and I got some neat things from Nintendo World and Midtown Comics.

As you can see my favorite thing is probably the Boo

Not pictures: My Metroid Shirt