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“The Lady Wore Black” by Queensryche

On a lonely walk this morning
A light mist in the air
Dark clouds laughing at me in silence
Casting shadows through my hair

In the distance I saw a woman
Dressed in black with eyes of grey
She wore her pain like a shackled spirit
Eternal life was her debt to pay

The darkness. The moodiness. The slow song building to a faster song. This song is classic early 80′s metal and quite a ways from what the band would eventually become lyrically, but exactly what everyone at the time wanted to hear. It could have easily fit in alongside Dio and Krokus and Saxon. It’s really interesting to see how they have developed their own style and themes over the next five or six years. 


And I have the 1st fav song of them! 😊

We Will Rock You
Team Valor— the team that plays to win. Brute strength can only help when battling these guys.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, I got that, I got that, I got that superpower

Team Valor— the team that plays to win. Brute strength can only help when battling these guys.

Team Mystic

Team Instinct


(You Will) Set the World on Fire, David Bowie/ Superpower, X Ambassadors/ Child of Fire, Queensryche/ Power, Kanye West/ Firestarter, The Prodigy/ Pa Pa Power, Dead Man’s Bones/ Fire, Fire, M.I.A./ We Will Rock You, Queen/ I Love Playin’ With Fire, The Runaways/ Power & Control, Marina and the Diamonds

Queensryche - Promised Land (1994)

After the very successful Empire album, Queensryche had quite a feat to match up to not only Empire, but Operation: Mindcrime before it. 

Promised Land is an underrated album for the band in my opinion, likely overlooked due to a shift in the music landscape at the time, along with the fact that it didn’t sound exactly like Empire or have a huge hit ballad like Silent Lucidity.  In any case, if you skipped over Promised Land, be sure to give it a shot!

My faves: Damaged, Bridge, Disconnected, My Global Mind, One More Time, Someone Else?

“Take Hold of the Flame” by Queensryche

Top Metal Albums of the 80′s - Honorable Mention

Ride, to a place beyond our time
Reach, for the edges of your mind, and you are there
See, that the light will find its way
Back to a place where it will stay, make it stay

One of the consistent lyrical tricks the band does is begin with a single word (ride, reach, see) that stands alone and follow the melody after it. While this isn’t really revolutionary, it does take advantage of background singers in the band a lot more than other metal bands, especially more progressive ones who pretty much just sing the lines. 

“The Whisper” by Queensryche

Top Metal Albums of the 80′s - #24

Cries from the aisles
the tolling of the judgement bell
Eyes watched the violence
the absence of those who have
seen, marks the faith of the spell

Cold is the viper
stalking the night for the heat
It must find
Time is the promise
delivered with stunning consistency
line after line, time after time
the innocent victim awaits…

The opening guitars intrigued me, but the keyboard blast as the verse begins and the subsequent keyboards kept me from really embracing this song at first. Without those flourishes, this could very well have been something on Operation:Mindcrime - it fits musically and thematically.


Rage For Order by Queensryche

Top Metal Albums of the 80′s - #24

Release Date: 27 June 1986

Classic Songs: “Walk in the Shadows” 

Surprises: “Neue Regel” and “Gonna Get Close To You”

Overall: Before they became a metal favorite with “Silent Lucidity” or a critical favorite with Operation:Mindcrime, Queensryche released an album that was far too experimental and daring for their level of success. Usually, bands still trying to break through don’t incorporate other musical styles (particularly in the very rigidly defined metal genre), but Queensryche did just that and the result was that much of the album ended up sounding more like Nine Inch Nails of Sisters of Mercy than Judas Priest or Black Sabbath. Additionally, they began to become known as the “thinking metal band” with lyrics that were far beyond the everyday stories of love and lust. There is a consistent thread of rebellion and individualism in heavy metal (and rock ‘n’ roll for that matter) and it is present in Queensryche’s music as well, but here they place it in different settings, often futuristic and/or dystopian, with a greater infusion of technology which allows them to also include the individual vs. society conflicts and themes like the abuse of technology and surveillance. The difference with Queensryche is that instead of just using their regular style to tell the stories, they decided to make the music of the song part of the story, giving the listener a fully immersive experience. 

Even though I hated the album when it came out, once I heard Operation:Mindcrime which seemingly came out of nowhere, I, like so many other metal fans, went back into their catalog and realized that everything in their concept album opus were in their music all along, most of them right in Rage For Order. As they say, as my tastes matured and I understood the band better, this album makes more sense and it becomes easier to engage in its brilliance. 

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“Queen of the Reich” by Queensryche

In the dead of night
She’ll come and take you away
Searing beams of light and thunder
Over blackened plains
She will find her way

Flying high through the night
She will hide your fate
As she takes your soul from under
And the blinding light of the castle fades

From the first song on their first EP, Queensryche understood how to utilize two guitarists. Instead of just having them play the same thing together, play harmonies, or have one guitarist play a lead while the other plays the rhythm, they each play different rhythm parts to open the song, creating a larger sound than other two guitar bands. Of course, they would continue to expand this and experiment with it throughout their careers, creating layer upon layer of guitar in their songs, even though there are only two of them. 

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“Neue Regel” by Queensryche

Top Metal Albums of the 80′s - #24

Reach for a new horizon
Setting sights on a circuit scream
Hail the new arrival on
Static signs from a distant wanderer
Fill the air nights are never seen
Face the electric time shock now
No it’s not a dream anymore

I’m pretty sure I skipped this song every time it came on when I was first listening to the album and didn’t really warm up to it until I got into industrial metal (aka expanded my understanding of music). To say that this song challenged what i knew music to be would be an understatement, but that challenge certainly allowed me to experience and understand a wider variety of songs. 

Again, they sing of a New Order or New Regime, what it would take to achieve one and what the effects would be, but do it in such a musically futuristic way that it seems fictional and not possible. 

“Walk in the Shadows” by Queensryche

Top Metal Albums of the 80′s - #24

What? You say you’re through with me? I’m not through with you
We’ve had what others might call love
You say it’s over now, what’s done, what’s through?
You can’t stay away, you need me, oh, I need you

When the fire starts the pain’s too much for your mind
You need attention, what’s good is only mine
I can cure the hunger that burns in your heart
So just come to me, I’ll take you home

This was one of the songs that I immediately loved on the album and I always thought the way the first vocal came in was really cool. And of course, the guitars on it are perfect - great riff, great solo - as are the vocals, the lyrics, and the chorus. And then the way the song builds to a crashing end is more intense than most songs dared to be. The whole song fit nicely into what I wanted from a metal song in 1986. It remains one of my favorite Queensryche songs to this date.

“NM156″ by Queensryche

Top Metal Albums of the 80′s - Honorable Mention

Microchip logic
have we no more thought
“Is this wrong” I enter
Answers sought
Punch, punch, punch, transfer this data
Into code. Wide eyes watch my
Number 156 is shown
Created from past life to perform
Illicit function, I fail this conscious
Madness I man/machine imperfection

It’s really cool to listen to a band and hear how they develop their ideas and themes and sound. To me, this absolutely predicts their follow up Rage To Order with its talk of rebellion and technology and the differences between computers and humans. Somehow, I didn’t even mind the changing back and forth between regular vocals and “mechanized” vocals.