Santa Baby: A D/E Christmas Drabble

Jeremy hadn’t been in bed longer than five minutes when Damon sauntered into the boarding house living room, where Elena was nursing a cup of eggnog and watching the fire crackle.

“Kid’s finally asleep. Told him hours ago to let a certain jolly man do his good work, but it seems someone let the cat out of the bag about the whole Santa thing.”

Elena let out a dramatic gasp, still facing the fire. “You mean he’s not real?”

Damon smirked.

“You tell me,” he answered in his campiest seductive growl.

She turned quizzically, and the second she saw Damon her jaw dropped. He’d swapped out his Christmas Eve best—which looked a lot like his standard Tuesday best—for a luxe red silk robe that lightly skirted his bare thighs. His eyes looked suspiciously more defined than usual—was that eyeliner?—and a sack of bulky boxes was slung over his right shoulder. Completing the ensemble was a Santa hat that perched jauntily atop his head.

Elena fought back a giggle as she took him in. “…Oh my god,” she managed finally.

He wiggled his eyebrows. “What do you think?”

She cocked a suspicious eyebrow. “How much bourbon was in that eggnog?”

He dropped his sack of toys and pranced over to Elena, resting a finger on her lips and subtly pressing a button on a small remote in the pocket of his robe. A woman’s sultry voice floated out from well-concealed wall speakers: “Santa baby, slip a Sable under the tree, for me…” Damon’s hips measured out the rhythm of the words that he mouthed along with the singer, and he playfully stroked the belt of his robe to hint that it could easily come off.

“I’m confused,” Elena said, half-concealing her amusement and crossing her arms in mock nonchalance. “Are you supposed to be Santa? Are you singing to yourself?”

“Just go with it, okay, Elena? Not many men would do this for their girlfriends.”

She looked him up and down with a grin.

“You’re probably right about that.”

He resumed his expert lip syncing, prancing around with theatrical flair. At a particularly dramatic swell in the music, he flung open his robe, revealing red boxer briefs that were at least a size too small. Elena couldn’t stop herself—she broke into a fit of giggles, which weren’t exactly dampened when he stripped his robe off entirely and threw it at her with a flourish. No longer content to be a passive audience, she hopped off the couch and slung the robe around the back of his neck, pulling him in for a kiss.

“You,” she laughed into his mouth, “are an idiot.”

“An idiot you happen to be madly in love with,” he countered.

Instead of answering, she let the robe slip from her grasp and snaked a hand around his side, sliding it into the back of his briefs to grab a handful of firm Santa ass. His already-tight briefs instantly got a little tighter, and even more so when she said with a grin:

“Come on, Santa. Let’s see if we can get these cheeks a little rosier.”

I am cackling so hard thinking of 2x02, 2x14, 2x20, 3x20 SE scenes where Stefan says he wants a life together with Elena and Elena wanting to think about the now and the difference between Stefan saying “the kind of life we could have together” in 2x14 and Elena saying “our lives together?” 2x20; and in 2x02 Stefan says(one of the creepiest lines of all time)“I came back to town to start a life with you” and in 3x20 Elena says “Getting out of bed is dangerous nowadays but we can’t forget to live our lives” and says he gave her that advice.

And then in 5x06 Elena says “I like our life like this” and Damon replies back “It is nice. But it is our life which means someone is going to walk in in the next 10 seconds and shatter it”. Singular, not plural from both of them.

Even in 2x18, Elena called the boarding house her house with Stefan and Damon but in 5x05 Damon calls it “our living room” when referring to Silas being there(This gives me Joanlock feels because that one time they kidnapped a guy and Sherlock told him “Welcome to our living room”). And at the end of 5x06 she goes to sit close beside Damon even though she was pissed at him earlier that day for lying but she knew they all had a rough day and they share a family moment with Jeremy where she gives him a look when she sees him drinking and Bonnie is there and Amnesia!Stefan is up in his bedroom moping before Tessa returns his memories.

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most people on my dash think elijah’s this super honorable “good” guy and I’m like no THIS DUDE IS AWFUL look at how he treats rebekah (I’m all for her going back to having threesomes in europe even if it’s with a blonde quarterback)

everyone treats rebekah so horribly

like oh man yeah it must be rough having a sister who gives up literally all her hopes and dreams for you, who is willing to get on her hands and knees and literally scrub out the MESS FROM YOUR LUNCH bc you cannot be bothered wow yeah I can understand why you’d treat her so poorly

only kol was nice to her so naturally he was killed off

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me too. I think felicity’s obviously physically attracted to him and they’re friends but idk if she’s let herself think about being with him IN THAT WAY, whereas I think he’s starting to see her as a future possibility


ahaha I smell a bit of unrequited love in my future


This is gonna be Delena all over again, won’t it?

I know that you think that you have to be there for everyone but you don't

I was rewatching 5x04 in context of 5x07 and as I said the answer to Elena’s behavior with Stefan lay in the Damon and Elena scene at the Grill and Bonnie’s speech to Elena in the funeral but also in the Elena and Caroline scene at the beginning.

Before I start in the Elena and Caroline scene, Elena mentions that Damon texted her back only once “So far so good” and that parallels the 5x05 Damon and Elena scene on the college grounds with the “Mr/Miss” sassing parallels but also one text parallel and busting the other implicit parallels. 

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queensregnant said: as much as I feel that caroline has 100% the right to dislike damon and never change that opinion, I do agree with this. like…haven’t we been over this in 3x04? caroline told elena no one could “change” damon completely, and elena at the end agreed

YES that is the part i guess i am having the hardest time with. the fact that elena is acknowledging it but it’s made out that she doesn’t.


Exhibit A:

“I picked you because I love you. No matter what happens it’s the best choice I ever made”

*Elena turns only for Jeremy*

“I’ll be with you forever…if I want

Exhibit B:

“I want you to get everything that you’re looking for”

“You were the stranger who wanted me to get everything I wanted from life”

“You would have gotten to grow up and gotten the life that you wanted, the life that you deserved and I wanted that for you”

“I’m telling you it’s the most real thing that I’ve felt in my entire life. I love you, Damon”

“Take the cure with me. That’s how much I know this is real. That’s how certain I am that I’m gonna love you even after this is all over. Take the cure with me. We can be together. Grow old together. Be human with me”

“You’ve been a terrible person and you made all the wrong choices and this will prove to be the worst one. But I’m not sorry I’m in love with you”

*Elena forces the cure down Katherine’s throat so that she can live,even as a vampire and even knowing Jeremy was going to die*


“She looked genuinely happy”

“We’re gonna save Stefan and I’m still gonna love you”

“I watched you have the summer of your life and I got to see you happy

I was happy. I got everything I wanted, Stefan”

Note: This is not an anti Elena post so please don’t add your anti Elena opinions to this and ignore it if you have the urge. The point is that here’s your deconstruction of the best/worst choice dichotomy.

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agreed on the R&J aspect. as for tvd…I mean this time it didn’t squick me? when a teen Elena was ready to die in 3x22 and even late s2, that hit me more than Amara wanting to die after being stone for 2000 years and in pain.

I guess it’s not the amara situation alone. It’s a constant theme like you said. It’s not the first time, so for some people that have problem with this, it was just too much when the subject was brought up again. And when Bonnie would take Amara’s place as the anchor, Amara would be free and I’ll like to see, for a change, that can be another way, that maybe there’s nothing worse than death (kinda questionable affirmation imo but well). There was hope for her. But this don’t exactly apply to the TVD world because they have some kind of heaven/afterlife. IDK, I think maybe because I don’t think there’s something after we die, this kind of approaching of romanticism is not my cup of tea. It’s not a narrative that I look for, I think there are so many less gross ways to explore a romantic but tragic love story. And I’ve read some posts that made me uncomfortable, about how beautiful Amara/Silas stuff was, how romantic and perfect, it’s weird…

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The most popular interpretation of Romeo and Juliet is also quite inaccurate :(. Not to mention deeply disturbing.


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omfg DOES KAT KNOW ABOUT THIS? I just want to know kat and rebekah’s reactions when they realized that rebekah slept with kat’s daughter haha

RIGHT. i need Kat to give Matt a speech about dating his daughter I NEED THIS BAD (then i need her to jump him and fuck him, cause lets be real, theres tension there)