So this is my first ever BOTM and I’m really excited!! also i’m so pumped for summer omg no school and warm weather uwu

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  • 1 winner, 4 runners up
What I'm looking for:
  • a fab blog (nice url, clean theme, great posts)
  • if you make stuff, that’s always cool (not required though)
  • kind, friendly, active bloggers
Winner will receive:
  • a follow back from me if not already
  • a spot in my updates tab for all of June
  • a promo when announced, as well as promos whenever you want
  • probably terrible poem/ficlet at your request
  • help and advice with anything from me, my love, my eternal friendship, my soul
Runners up will receive:
  • a follow back from me if not already
  • a spot in my updates tab for all of June
  • a promo when announced, as well as several random promos throughout the month
  • my love and gratitude forever
Important info:
  • ends May 30th
  • winner and runners up announced around June 2nd

Hey guys, so after some careful consideration. We’ve finally decided upon the first eight members of the Queens of Supernatural Network. There were lots of wonderful entries and we really really wish we could pick all of you. 











More members will be chosen after awhile.  If you would like to apply, you can do so here.

Do you love Sam Winchester more than most people understand? Do you ever miss seeing his smiling face? Do you just want your precious baby to be happy? Well then you’re in luck!!

Introducing the Happy!Sam Network
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  • you must love Sam and his smiling face (but I mean, who couldn’t?)
What we’re looking for:
  • nice, active bloggers
  • hella blogs (great url, theme, and posts)
  • multifandom is awesome, but Supernatural has to be one of your main fandoms uwu
  • tagging systems are always fabulous!!!
If you get chosen:
  • you’ll get a follow from both of us
  • you’ll receive a spot on the network page
  • submit your icon, email, and description for the page
  • have a link to the page somewhere on your blog
  • track the tag “happysamnetwork
  • follow all your fellow members
  • but best of all, this network will bring you awesome new friends who can give you help, advice, and lots of love <3
Other important info:
  • we will chose the first 8-10 members once this gets enough notes
  • every couple of weeks after that, we’ll add 2-3 new members until we feel like it’s full
  • if you have any questions, just ask either of us
  • that’s it! reblog away and good luck!!