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I have the strangest luck

Ok so this is not a post to do with any fandoms I follow but I feel like I need to share this with my tumblr family.

So I don’t know how many of you know that I am actually a musician, Cellist to be specific. I have been playing for 21 years (since I was 6 years old).

I have competed in my local eisteddford when I was a teenager along with participating in the State Honours Band during those years. I have been a member of an adult quartet and quintet and performed at weddings and other events as a solo artist.

But in all of this I never pursued a career in music, instead I went straight into the workforce and have jumped between career types for the past 10 years.

I also stopped playing when I was 19 due to being in an accident where I fell off a horse and damaged the nerves in my spine which made sitting down to perform for even 5 minutes extremely painful.

Last year after my daughter turned 2 years old I decided to take out my cello and see if I still had the skill. Turns out I do, in fact I rejoined our local orchestra and was given the lead cello position. It turns out that childbirth helped heal the pain I was suffering from whwn trying to sit down and perform.

My daughter who is now 3 years old has her own cello (a 1/8 size which is so tiny!) and I am sure that if she keeps it up, she will surpass my abilities with no problems.

So back to my original statement, I have the strangest luck. So on the weekend I received a phone call from my mother, she had fallen ill and needed me to stand in for her as a ‘penciler’ at the eisteddford.

During the evening I got talking with the adjudicators who were a husband and wife team and world class musicians themselves. They mentioned that they were running masterclasses the next day for free and I decided spur of the moment to sign up.

My class was with Antoni Bonetti the husbsnd from the night before and I didn’t even get through my first song before he stopped me and asked me one question.

“Why was I not already at the Queensland Conservatory of Music?”

This question floored me. I hadn’t played in 10 years! I was rusty as hell! I hadn’t even rehersed these songs in so long that I was almost not going to show up ans embarrass myself!

He then proceeded to list a bunch of musicians and professors that I should get in contact with and study under so that I could become as great as he thought I could be.

This all happened in the space of 30 minutes and I am still reeling from that morning. I spoke to my partner and he said that if I want to go and follow my dreams then I should do it.

So I have been looking at what the course would entail and cost and it is incredible. It may have only been 2 days since this all happened but I have decided to take a leap and apply for a Bachelor of Music at the University of Queensland at the start of next year.

This would mean I would have to leave my family and friends, the town I have lived in for the last 24 years and move to Brisbane, a city 2,000kms away. But if that is what it takes to make dreams come true then what else can I do but spread my wings and fly?