queensland heeler

This is Jake, my best friend and my dad’s service dog. Jake is in a lot of pain and is limping around and just not walking correctly. I took him to the vet got him medicine for the pain and any swelling but he’s still limping and needs X-rays to get further help to help him walk properly again.

As many of you know my dad is disabled and relies heavily on Jake for many things. I want to see my puppy feeling better again and my dad get his friend back into working shape.

That said I’m taking commissions to help pay for the X-rays, the total cost of the office visit and the X-rays will be 232$ that’s without follow up care he may need depending on what they find. If you would like to commission me just message me on here, through the messenger, or shoot me an email. Please, I need help with this.

If anyone would like to just donate my paypal is: angel_dartanian@hotmail.com

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