queens of the stone age

the quotes-a man: [bleedley deedly dee] im brooding and dark [doodley doodle dee] im very moody and a sinner whose up to no good [ding ding dong] but i also want to make love on top of a velvet rug over a piano strewn with roses and me and/or my partner is also werewolf [drrrrrrrrnnnnnggggg duuuunnn dooooooooommmmm] how did i get my guitar to sound like a blown out chiptune synthesizer that was also stepped on several times [4 solid hours of lap steel and josh homme plucking random notes on the highest point of the guitar neck] [elvis presley grunts] hooOooooo yeEEEeEaaAh

i don’t believe you go to heaven when you’re good. everything goes to hell, anyway…| fanmix for lindsay brown

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track list:

1. alabama 3 - woke up this morning; 2. tom waits - little drop of poison; 3. ramones - when i was young; 4. queens of the stone age - "you got a killer scene there, man…“; 5. jefferson airplane - white rabbit; 6. tom waits - jockey full of bourbon; 7. duke ellington - caravan; 8. jem - come on closer; 9. she wants revenge - tear you apart; 10. nine inch nails - closer; 11. david bowie - dirty boys; 12. depeche mode - sweetest perfection; 13. elvis presley - fever; 14. david bowie - valentine’s day; 15. nina simone - take care of business for me; 16. rufus wainwright - rebel prince; 17. elbow - any day now; 18. moondog - paris; 19. john grant - where the dreams go to die; 20. nick cave & the bad seeds - god is in the house; 21. chet baker - my funny valentine; 22. jake thackray - la di da (tra la la); 23. ella fitzgerald - into each life some rain must fall; 24. roxy music - bitter sweet; 25. elbow - an audience with the pope; 26. steve harley & cockney rebel - sebastian; 27. elbow - fugitive motel; 28. charlie parker - koko; 29. tom waits - everything goes to hell; 30. iggy pop - les feuilles mortes; 31. queen - jealousy; 32. adamo - tombe le neige; 33. hugh laurie - kiss of fire; 34. jacques brel - ne me quitte pas; 35. john cooper clarke - evidently chickentown; 36. skip james - devil got my woman; 37. the rolling stones - gunface; 38. the doors - the crystal ship; 39. muse - hoodoo; 40. chris isaak - wicked game; 41. moondog - bird’s lament; 42. tom waits - green grass; 43. frank sinatra - i’m a fool to want you; 44. the rolling stones - wild horses; 45. imelda may - knock 123

He and I hop on motorcycles and stroll around.I called him one day a few years ago, when I was first starting to think about the possibility of getting to make a record and said ‘hey man, give me a good line.He hit me back and he was like "kalopsia”, and I said “kalopsia, what the hell’s that?” and he said “it’s a condition wherein everything seems more beautiful than it actually is.
—  Josh Homme discussing collaborating with Alex Turner and how he inspired the song “Kalopsia”
I’d probably write about the plight of vanilla, and how people use vanilla as a synonym for boring… When really, vanilla is the King Shit of Fuck Mountain of ice cream flavors in that, you know, it’s worked its way to the front. And really, its only competition is chocolate. I think a lot of times vanilla gets a bad rap. But we don’t have to talk about that now.
—  Josh Homme
(when asked which ice cream flavor he’d write a song about X)